Friday, September 17, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Dig Deep Into The Vault For "The Original Demos" From The Bootheels

On September 24th, Omnivore Recordings will release the only known recordings of this fairly unknown band, The Bootheels. This California band came together for a brief period in 1988, without receiving much success outside of their little friendship circle, but each band member would go on to receive huge accolades on their own. The members of The Bootheels are Luther Russell (Those Pretty Wrongs), Jakob Dylan (The Wallflowers), Tobi Miller (The Wallflowers) and Aaron A. Brooks (Lana Del Rey, Moby) and for one moment in the late eighties, it was their first glimpse into the world of rock and roll.

Now for the first time, The Bootheels will release their "1988: The Original Demos" disc, which features a totally different sound than what you might have expected from this foursome. Kicking things off is "See It In Your Eyes," which sounds like it came straight from the blueprint of British punk music in the late-seventies, in which melody and singing were replaced by energy, speed and power. Their raw, unpolished, pre-grunge sound recalls the music of The Clash with "Thing Called Love," before slowing the tempo down for the underground alternative style of "The Deal." The Bootheels' California punk style was spread all over their songs, as displayed in the energetic romp of "Wasted Dime" and "Got Me On My Knees." They tried to show a bit more structure to their music with the addictive melody of "Halfway There," but instead find more pleasure in the punk furry of "Queen Of Hearts." This new release closes with a few of The Bootheels rough, unpolished recordings of their new wave sounding "Images Of You" and "Think Of The Time." To find out more about The Bootheels' "1988: The Original Demos" release, please visit

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Red Spot Rhythm Section Pay Tribute To The Great Tom Petty & Julian Daniell Delivers "Only Words"

Back on August 6th, the Chicago-based ensemble Red Spot Rhythm Section released a tribute to the immortal Tom Petty with a new set of cover songs titled "A Roots Tribute To Tom Petty: Won't Back Down." The new twelve-track release begins with a sped-up version of the title track "I Won't Back Down," which features a spicy reggae backdrop led by the smooth vocals of Livingston. The Red Spot Rhythm Section stays in that reggae groove with Angela Peel delivering a full-on island vibe to "You Got Lucky." They stick pretty close to original on "You Don't Know How It Feels," while "Refugee" has an upbeat ska sound that is very addictive, along with the energetic, punky run through of "American Girl." The Red Spot Rhythm Section totally redoes "Runnin Down A Dream" into a psychedelic, funk/reggae piece to show how Tom Petty's words can work in many different genres. They wrap up their new album with Angela Peel returning to lead the band through the bluesy sway of "Two Gunslingers," along with a simplified rendition of the Petty classic "Wildflowers." To find out more about the Red Spot Rhythm Section and their latest release "A Roots Tribute To Tom Petty: Won't Back Down," please visit

Fellow Chicago-based singer/songwriter Julian Daniell also recently released a new set of song titled "Only Words." This new five song EP begins with "Memories," a blend of country and sixties soul music to create this unique, addictive melody. He switches gears for the quieter folk approach of "The Other Side," before bringing the tempo back up with the swinging melody of "Sweet Serene." Julian finishes his new short release with a return to the country/Americana roots of "Only Lonely" and the nostalgic soul stylings of "I Want It All." To find out more about Julian Daniell and his latest release "Only Words," please visit

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Get Into The Blues With Al Basile & Discover The Folk-Stylings Of RanchWriters

Eight-time Blues Music Awards nominee Al Basile will return September 17th with a brand new album titled "B's Testimony." It will be released through Sweetspot Records and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the nostalgic tone of "Lucky Man," which finds Al bringing back his bigger band sound compared to the stripped-down trio of his last album. The album continues with the sweet, slow blues licks of "Don't Kid Yourself Baby," as Al's experienced vocals fit the song's motif perfectly. The energy picks up with the blazing guitar riffs of "If All It Took Was Wishing" and the stellar horn solo of "Up Close And Personal Best." Singer, Shy Perry lends her vocal talents to the meaningful, swaying rhythm of the R&B flavored "One Day At A Time," before bringing on the classic blues-style of "I Ought To Be Your Monkey." Al wraps up his new album with the funk-infused blues romp of "Through Thick And Thin" and the iconic sounds of "He Said, She Said," as the band fires on all cylinders. To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "B's Testimony," please visit

Switching gears, we head north for the latest release from Canadian multi-platinum selling artists Barney Bentall and Geoffrey Kelly, who are preparing the unveiling of their latest collaboration, RanchWriters on September 17th, through True North Records. This new twelve track release takes you back to a simpler sound when all you needed was a couple acoustic guitars and a magical melody that simply floats on by. The album begins with the wonderful picking of the strings on "Chilcoutin" and the beautiful, graceful touch of "Marble Canyon Rag." The album continues with the soft acoustics of "Danrow Flats," before adding a few more strings into the mix with the worldly sounds of "Big Turk" and the folk/blues melody of "Upstairs Downstairs (For Penny)." The wonderfully peaceful flow of "Black Tusk" will certainly wash away your worries, while "Earl's Taxi" closes out the album with a nostalgic stomp rhythm and purposeful strumming of the strings. To find out more about the RanchWriters self-titled debut album, please visit

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

John McCutcheon Fills Up His "Bucket List" With Eighteen New Songs

Singer, songwriter John McCutcheon has been non-stop for nearly fifty years, until the pandemic put an immediate halt on the music industry. With no venues to perform in, John dedicated his time to songwriting, creating nearly a hundred new tracks. Last year, he released "Cabin Fever, Songs From The Quarantine," which just featured just John and an acoustic guitar on the most intimate release of his career.

Now, John McCutcheon returns with a brand new album titled "Bucket List," which will be released on September 17th and includes some of his longtime partners, like Jon Carroll, JT Brown and Stuart Duncan. This new 18-track release begins with the title-track "Bucket List," which delivers that warming, comforting tone, as John sings about his many perfect adventures. The mellow tone of "Be Still" allows you to get lost in John's poetic lyrics, while "Farmer" tell about the struggles of the occupation, while not knowing anything better or more important. The mood lightens with the beautiful folk strumming of "Art," before hitting home with the pandemic themed "Ghost Town," which happened all over the world during the lockdown of the virus. The nostalgic tone of "Moonshiner" is story that must be heard, as John delivers the melody perfectly, letting his decades of experience led the way. The album finishes with the politically-charged words of "Medicine Game," the emotional ballad "Sins Of The Father" and the wonderfully descriptive tale of "Zilphia's Piano." To find out more about John McCutcheon and his latest release "Bucket List," please visit

Monday, September 13, 2021

New Jazz Music From Trombonists Jared Dubin, Peter Tijerina and Altin Sencalar

Jazz trombonist/composer Jared Dubin is ready to release his new album "Excuses, Excuses" on September 24th, through NextLevel, an imprint of the Outside In Music record label. The album was recorded nearly a decade ago, as Jared and his band were still get comfortable with one another. The new nine-song release begins with the instant energy of "The Breaks," as you are introduced to Jared's leadership and musical skills. The music continues to swing with the odd time signatures of "Ain't No Thang," while "Time Apart" just floats on by as you relax and relish in the band's wonderful jazz sounds. Jared Dubin incorporates some smooth blues work into the flowing melody of "Worry Go Round," before finishing with energetic runs of the title track "Excuses, Excuses" and the bright, uptempo runs of "Martial Law." To find out more about Jared Dubin and his latest release "Excuses, Excuses," please visit

Fellow trombonist Peter Tijerina is also preparing the release of his debut studio album "Just Yesterday" on Outside In Music. It features ten tracks, beginning with the cool, swinging, energetic sounds of "It Could Happen To You" and the fun, light-hearted melody of "Lovely." The mood shifts with the slow pace of "In 'N Out Blues," as Peter stands tall during his solo pieces. The tempo picks back up with the wonderful, full band involvement of "It One Or The Other," before wrapping up the album with the beautiful melody of "Stardust" and the high-powered closer "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big," which just carries that timeless charm. To find out more about Peter Tijerina and his latest release "Just Yesterday," please visit

One final release comes from jazz trombonist Altin Sencalar titled "Reconnected." It was released back in August and finds the Mexican- born musician weaving together different traditions to create a unique sound that represents his multifaceted background. Altin starts out his new eight-song album with the solo piece "Chance," as his performance sets the stage with his melodic trombone notes. The energy picks up with the loose, jam session feel of "Links," before the rest of the band have their spotlight to shine on "A Modern Memory." The tempo slows down for the emotional flow of "Tenderly," as Altin makes each note a step toward relaxation and calmness. The album finishes with the full band delivering the swinging jam session numbers "Reaching Out For More" and "Reconnected." To find out more about Altin Sencalar and his latest release "Reconnected," please visit