Thursday, November 21, 2019

Leonard Cohen Thanks Us For "The Dance" With His Final Studio Album

On November 22nd, Sony Legacy will release the final recordings from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Leonard Cohen. The album titled "Thanks For The Dance" features the last poetic vocals of Cohen, enhanced with the music if some very specials guests, led by his son Adam Cohen. These songs were recorded during the sessions for his album "You Want It Darker," which was released one month prior to his passing in 2016.

The new nine-song release begins with the deep, warm, experienced voice of Cohen, as he recites the rhyming lyrics of "Happens To The Heart." Most of the songs include very little in the way of music, which allows Cohen's voice to dominate the lesson provided in each piece recited. Spanish musician Javier Mas supports Leonard with his amazing performance of the laud (Spanish guitar) on the songs "Moving On" and "The Night In Santiago." Fellow artist Beck gives Cohen the perfect backdrop for his waltz of "Thanks For The Dance," while "The Goal" has to most striking lyrics of any song on this album, as Cohen knew that the end was certainly near. The album closes with the political poetry of "Puppets," which features The Shaar Hashomayim choir and the stark, simple recital of "Listen To The Hummingbird." To find out more about "Thanks For The Dance, the final statement from Leonard Cohen, please visit

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sarah Brightman Sings A "HYMN" From Her Songbook For Her Latest Live Release

World-renowned soprano Sarah Brightman recently released a new video titled "Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert" through Eagle Vision. It features the singer in her most elaborate performance to date, as she worked along side Anthony Van Laast (Beauty And The Beast) and Frank Peterson to create a hybrid of a musical film. This two-act performance takes place in the enchanted Bavarian Alps and stars Brightman, accompanied by her band, the Bavarian Philharmonic orchestra, a 50-voice choir and the Ludwig Ensemble of dancers. The film was released on November 15th in DVD and Blu-ray format with an accompanying soundtrack CD, which includes highlights of the entire two-act performance.

The first act showcases Sarah Brightman performing live on stage, without an audience, as each song is portrayed as an individual performance along with full set and costume changes. She mixes in some modern songs like "Stranger In Paradise" and "Who Wants To Live Forever" with some of her more contemporary songs like "Carpe Diem" and "Gia Nel Seno." The sultry "Follow Me" and the stellar "Miracle" showcase Brightman's range as an artist and a performer.

The second act finds Brightman in front of a live audience, as her voice simply sounds amazing, performing the songs "Sogni" and "There For Me" with special guest singer Vincent Nicio. The epic numbers "Better Is One Day" and the "Fly To Paradise" shows off Brightman's stellar band, as they collaborate with the orchestra and choir on some of the highlights of this live performance. Sarah Brightman closes out her show with an amazing rendition of "Phantom Of The Opera" (which she stared in on Broadway) with Mario Frangoulis and grand finish of "Sea And Sand," as once again Sarah lets her voice be the star of show.

Special bonus features on both the DVD and Blu-ray contain a behind the scenes look into the production of "Hymn In Concert." Also included is a track by track review of the album, along with the "Hymn The Album Production" and photo slide show. To find out more about this new release from Sarah Brightman, please visit

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Get Ready To Rock With New Releases From Ruffyunz, Frank Wyatt and Chris Haskett

Bassist Randy Pratt (Cactus, The Lizards) has joined forces with singer Ed Terry and engineer JZ Barell to create the band, Ruffyunz. Their new self-titled album features a collection of guests on guitar and drums, including Pat Travers (Pat Travers Band) and T.C. Tolliver (The Plasmatics). The new nine track release kicks off with the song "Tonight," highlighted by Terry's amazing vocals along side some electrifying guitar riffs. Pratt's bass work digs deep on the funk/rock groove of "Freedom," while the energetic blast of "Pressure" is full-on hard rock gold. The excitement for the Ruffyunz continues to grow with the full-band jam of "Frantic," before closing out their new release with the dark, heavy pounding rhythm of "Demons," which allows Ed Terry's vocals to soar. To find out more about Ruffyunz and their new self-titled release, please visit the Hyperspace Records Facebook page at

American keyboardist/composer Frank Wyatt (Happy The Man) recently released his latest solo album titled "Zeitgeist." Wyatt's original idea was to create an album for a Happy The Man reunion, but other musicians became involved, who Frank Wyatt has performed with over the years. So, it became a Frank Wyatt & Friends release instead. The album still includes members of Happy The Man in a sort of reunion, as Wyatt & Friends begin with the nearly eight-minute progressive rock of the title-song "Zeitgeist." The song certainly fits in the next chapter of the Happy The Man story with its wonderful soaring melody and amazing musicianship. The album continues with the more expressive sounds of the instrumental piece "Leaving" and the jazz-fusion feel of "Twelve Jumps." The second half of the album is a four-part progressive rock suite titled "Perelandra Mvt.," as the opening chapter "To Venus" is a beautiful use of strings and keys that paint the perfect picture of floating over mountains and meadows. The album closes with the grand presentation of "The Golden Feast" and "Blessed Be He," which allows Wyatt to showcase his skills on the piano. To find out more about this new release from Frank Wyatt & Friends, please visit

Guitarist Chris Haskett (David Bowie, Henry Rollins) recently released his new instrumental EP titled "Insufficient Necessities." The new four-song album begins with the raw, rocking guitar wizardry of "Dodge 'Em," which is a great introduction to showcase Haskett's skills on guitar. Chris paves his own path to the "Ivy City," with a bit of funk in his playing, which also flows into the album closer "Going Back," as Chris incorporates a more progressive rock sound into this final musical piece. To find out more about Chris Haskett and his latest release "Insufficient Necessities," please visit

Monday, November 18, 2019

Check Out These New Indie-Rock Releases From Sonar, Yuval Ron and JATK

Swedish progressive rock band, Sonar teamed-up once again with American guitarist David Torn for their latest release "Tranceportation (Volume 1)." It will be released on November 28th through RareNoise Records and builds upon the relationship that these artists began last year with the release of their album "Vortex." This new album features only four tracks, beginning with the epic fourteen-and-a-half minute "Labyrinth," which allows you to find your way through the music, as the second half of the song continues to slowly build with intensity. The expansive, ambient flow of "Partitions" is the shortest song on the album at just under six-minutes, before Sonar and David Torn finish with the jazz-like drumming and shrieking guitar riffs of "Tunnel Drive." To find out more about Sonar with David Torn on their latest release "Tranceportation (Volume 1)," please visit

Next up is the latest release from German guitarist/composer Yuval Ron. His new album titled "Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum" features only six tracks that take you on a sonic, progressive rock journey and features the work of Marco Minnemann. Ron kicks things off with the quick tempo changes of the title-track, as proudly displays his epic guitar skills on this Frank Zappa-esque style number. The album continues with the atmospheric flow of "Gravitational Lensing" and the nearly ten-minute energetic intense delivery of "Wifi In Emerald City," before closing with the jazz-like, space rock of "I Believe In Astronauts." To find out more about Yuval Ron and his latest release "Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum," please visit

We close out with Boston-based rock artist JATK, who recently released his new self-titled debut album. The new four-song EP is filled with hook-filled rock, beginning with the addictive, sing-along chorus of "How I Feel Inside," which carries a classic, seventies-rock vibe. The energy continues to flow through the big guitar riffs of "Angry Anchor," before finishing with the more aggressive, hard rock attack of "Nuebella Satan." To find out more about JATK and his new self-titled album, please visit

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The "Passable In Pink" Soundtrack Is An 80's Mixtape That Never Existed

On November 15th, Omnivore Recordings released the brand new original motion picture soundtrack to "Passable In Pink." The Audible Original has been described at a "laughably inept 1984 teensploitation movie that makes John Hughes look like Orson Welles." While the movie never actually existed, the soundtrack certainly does and instantly transports you back to the mid-1980's when music was all about style.

This new release features thirteen tracks of obscure songs from the eighties that have never existed before, until now. The soundtrack features members of the Smithereens, Guided By Voices, Luna, Nada Surf, Psychedelic Furs and Dexy's Midnight Runners performing songs in the vein of eighties pop. Beginning with "Here Comes That Heartbreak" by The Spurts, you'd think that you've discovered a lost mix tape of songs that you would have sworn you loved many years ago. The Zero Hour have perfectly captured sound of new wave/punk with "Pop Collar Nites," while "Tangerine Skies" is three minutes of straight-up electronic beats supplies by Atlantis Mantis. Zebra Trucks give us a monotone delivery of "Binary Code," before the energy returns to close out the album with the punk-fury of "God Damn School" and the Northwood High School Pep Rally Band performing "I Need A Least Five Boys." To find out more about the newly released soundtrack to the audio-film "Passable In Pink," please visit