Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Discover New Music With A Pair Of Heavy Metal Releases From Lightworker and END

San Francisco metal band, Lightworker is ready to release their full-length debut album titled "Fury By Failure" on June 12th. It features ten tracks that just come out swinging, like the intense hardcore metal opener "Emprye" and the high-energy, electrifying delivery of "The Willing Martyr." Lightworker get more melodic with the less aggressive nature of "10/18," before the screaming vocals of "World Dissolve" ignite your sense of hearing with its blistering sonic attack. They let up slightly once again, giving us a more mainstream, hard rock sound with "Cholera," before finishing their new album with the quick pounding rhythm of "Remove The Earth" and the six-minute build-up of "Dissonance," which showcases the band's excellent musicianship. To find out more about Lightworker and their latest release "Fury By Failure," please visit

Another full length debut release arriving this June, comes from the extreme metal band END. Their new album titled "Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face" features eleven tracks that just blow the doors down with its hardcore metal attack. The opener "Covet Not" is a chaotic song that takes everything to the extreme, from the screaming vocals to the pounding drums. END keep that formula for the follow-up track "Pariah," while "Fear For Me Now" is two minutes of intense, aggressive music that will certainly make your ears bleed. All of the songs carry that same formula, as END close out their album with the solid pounding and buzzing guitars of "An Apparition" and "Every Empty Vein," before arriving at the closing track, a five-minute doom metal piece titled "Sands Of Sleep." To find more about END and their latest release "Splinters Of An Ever-Changing Face," please visit

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Get The Blood Pumping With New Music From Cro-Mags, Afterimage and Me & Munich

American hardcore punk band, Cro-Mags return with their first album of new material in over twenty years. The new album titled "In The Beginning," will be released on June 19th through Mission Two Entertainment and feels like a new start for the band, according to founding member Harley Flanagan. The band's new thirteen track release begins with the message of "Don't Give In," as Cro-Mags had to fight for every piece of recognition. The track slowly builds, until their punk nature takes over and injects an extra jolt of energy into their music. The song "Drag You Under" is 92-seconds of aggressive, hardcore music that will make your head spin, while "No One's Victim" is a full-blown, thrash metal attack on your ears. The bass of "No One's Coming" rumbles, as the anticipation builds-up to the songs explosive rhythm and a hard-hitting sound. Their music turns even darker with the howling vocals of "The Final Test," while "Two Hours" is their politically charged attack on society. Cro-Mags wrap up their new album with the nearly six-minute melodic instrumental "Between Wars," which also shows that they are more that just a hardcore metal/punk band, along with the final quick-hitting send-off of "What You Believed," which closes this next chapter in the band's evolution. To find out more about Cro-Mags and their latest release "In The Beginning," please visit

Next comes the latest release titled "Temperance" from the hard rock band Afterimage. Their new six-song EP kicks off with the aggressive touch of "Narcissus," as the band just blow you away with their stellar musicianship. Next, they slow the tempo down for the more melodic flow of "Don't Go Gently," while "Zeitgeist" carries a progressive metal tone along with the passionate vocals and tempo changes. Afterimage wrap up their new album with the raw, grunge-rock of "Thy Will Be Done" and the explosiveness of the title-song "Temperance." To find out more about Afterimage and their latest release "Temperance," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the debut release "Gaslighting" from the Danish rock band Me & Munich, which also arrives on June 19th on all digital platforms. Their new ten song release begins with the heavy pounding of "Radical" and the raw, alternative rock of "Peace Of My Mind," before bringing their complete sound together on the addictive buzz of "Searching For Something." Me & Munich finally slow the tempo down for the dark, acoustic power ballad "The Worst In Me," before delivering the nostalgic power, post-punk trip of "Whatever Comes My Way." The band close out their new album with the melodic, grunge-rock appeal of "Pain Goes Away With Silence" and the highly-energetic punk fury of "Right Shoulder Devil." To find out more about Me & Munich and their latest release "Gaslighting," please visit

Monday, May 25, 2020

Ex-Hawkwind Bassist Alan Davey Opens The Vaults For His "Four Track Mind"

Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey recently released a new 4CD box set of demos titled "Four Track Mind." The songs in this set date back to his days in Hawkwind and the music sounds amazing. Listening to these songs, you would never believe these were simply demos and not finished tracks. The opening track of the first disc is "Spiritual Modulator," which starts things off with an adventurous, exciting instrumental piece that feels like the theme of an eighties action movie. At times, the songs sound like space explorations, as in "R.E.M. Time" and "E-On Strings" This disc centers around Davey's 1986 to 1988 output, as many of the songs center around keyboards and synthesizers like "Dragon Chaser" and "Moody Motion." One of only a couple of the songs that does contain lyrics like "Sunrise Assassins," feel like a cross between Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

Disc two continues the eighties space rock vibe with epic pieces like the seven-plus minute instrumentals "The Call" and "Simulator." Alan Davey gets even more experimental on the electronic soundscape of "Drive," before showcasing his hard rock edge on the intense pounding of "Hitze Seeker V" and "Out Of My Box." One of the most experimental pieces in this set is "The Noise," which feels like getting pushed out to sea by a continuous wave of sonic vibes. The second disc closes with the worldly transcendental rock melody of "Tribal Daze."

The feel of the third disc is that these songs are inspired by the early days of Hawkwind, as Davey rocks out to the classic, progressive feel of "Lost In The Smoke" and "Snake Charmer." The addictive nature of "Deep Space Rock" is hard to resist, as the song's groove has that nostalgic heavy metal tone to it, while "Blue Shift" takes you on a blissful sonic trip through sound. Disc four keeps the music exciting and aggressive with the masterful bass work of "Greenback Massacre" and "Assimilation," along with the wonderfully melodic touch of "Creamy." The song "Alien Fingers" sounds like the offshoot of an earlier track, "The Noise," as the sound is very sonically experimental. The set closes with the funky breaks of "In The Game" and the floating soundscape of "Reality Foil." To find out more about Alan Davey's new box set "Four Track Mind," please visit

Sunday, May 24, 2020

New Video Release Brings You Two Live Shows From Def Leppard Performing In London And Las Vegas

A brand new live video, CD and vinyl arrives May 29th from the immortal rock band, Def Leppard. The new release titled "Def Leppard: London To Vegas," finds the band performing their top-selling album "Hysteria" live for their hometown crowd at London's O2 arena. Then the second part finds the band back in Las Vegas, following their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for a new residency at Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood. This show covers some of the band's greatest hits, as well as some deep cuts.

The "Hysteria At The O2" concert was filmed in December of 2018, at Def Leppard's debut appearance at the arena. The filming is stellar and tries to get every member of the band involved, while also capturing glimpses of the sold out crowd, loving their British boys. By now, the "Hysteria" album is so well-known to fans, that they can pretty much recite the whole album, but to watch it performed live, brings the energy to another level. The first three tracks ("Woman," "Rocket" and "Animal") may be the best trilogy of songs that Def Leppard have ever recorded and they start the show off perfectly, showcasing the giant stage and screen. The boys are all business as they perform the album to a "T," still sounding timeless and passionate about their music. The London show is well crafted and sounds amazing on this newly released documentary of the concert. Def Leppard close out the London show with some sweet rarities, like "Wasted" and fan favorites like the iconic "Photograph."

Just last year, Def Leppard returned to Las Vegas for their second residency, but instead of performing the "Hysteria" album in full, they performed an enormous 28-song set. The hits were still their from the "Hysteria" and "Pyromania" albums, but fans will really get into the deep cuts that the band usually doesn't perform on a regular tour. The first thing you may notice when viewing the concert film "Hits Vegas, Live At Planet Hollywood" is how huge the stage is. It was specially built for the band for this residency and is equipped with bigger screens, lasers, lights and more. It also allows for the camera crew to capture every angle of the band, and they certainly do. Songs like "Billy's Got A Gun," "Too Late For Love" and "Paper Sun" sound refreshed and energized in this new live setting. The highlight is seeing the band perform an "unplugged" acoustic set with some rarities like "Let Me Be The One" and "We Belong" next to the classic ballads "Two Steps Behind" and "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad."

The bonus sections of both shows features a short behind the scenes documentary that gives a little insight into the creation of the these two great concerts. These concerts will be available as a double Blu-ray/2 CD set or double DVD/2 CD set, as well as stand-only copies that only feature the "Hysteria At The O2" show. Also available is a clear, double-vinyl release of Def Leppard performing "Hysteria" live at the O2 and a picture disc featuring the four-song acoustic set from Las Vegas. To find out more about the new Def Leppard concert documentary "London To Vegas," please visit

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Joe Louis Walker and Shirley King Invite Friends Along To Help Them Play The Blues

Veteran blues artist Joe Louis Walker will be releasing his latest work titled "Blues Comin' On," on June 5th through Cleopatra Records. Joe also invited some friends along to help him out with his new album. Walker kicks off his new twelve song release with "Feed The Poor," which is a strong, guitar jammy song, as Walker and fellow guitarist Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna) put their talents on display on this sonic, up-tempo blues track. Guitar prodigy Eric Gales (Raw Dawg) helps out with the vocals and guitars on the more laid-back acoustic/electric approach of the title song "Blues Comin' On."  Jesse Johnson (The Time) adds his funky guitar style to Walker's energetic dance track "The Thang," before Joe Louis Walker delivers that nostalgic, Chicago blues-style of "Old Time Used," supported by Grammy-winning blues artist Keb Mo. Fellow veteran blues artist Mitch Ryder takes the lead vocals on the classic R&B flavor of "Come Back Home," while Carla Cooke (daughter of Sam Cooke) sings her sultry little heart out on the duet ballad "Awake Me Shake Me." Joe Louis Walker finishes his new album with English guitarist Albert Lee lending a hand on the blues/rock vibe of "Seven More Steps," along with a fun, high-energy closing cover of Love's "7 & 7 Is," featuring American guitarist Arlene Roth and led by singer Charlie Harper. To find out more about Joe Louis Walker and his latest release "Blues Comin' On," please visit

Also arriving in June, is the new album from singer Shirley King, daughter of the late, great B.B. King. Her new album is appropriately titled "Blues For A King" and shines a light on her amazing vocal talents. On this album, she performs some traditional blues and classic rock numbers with the help of some special friends. The album begins with none other than Joe Louis Walker lending a hand on guitar on "All My Lovin'," while Duke Robillard steps in to turn Traffic's "Feelin' Alright" into a soulful blues romp. Shirley King calls on legendary guitarist Pat Travers to turn "That's Alright Mama" into a blistering, house-shaking rock attack. She brings us back to the blues with a spot-on cover of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home," featuring guitarist Martin Barre, then we turn to the dark side of the blues with the traditional tale of the "Gallows Pole," with Harvey Mandel helping out. Shirley King closes her new album with the dream team of Junior Wells and Joe Louis Walker performing "Hoodoo Man Blues," along with Steve Cropper adding an elegant touch to the Etta James classic "At Last." To find out more about Shirley King and her latest release "Blues For A King," please visit