Friday, September 25, 2020

Pavement Entertainment Prepares New Releases From Sons On Fire and Salem's Childe

A couple of new releases on the horizon from Pavement Entertainment. First we have the debut EP from the San Diego hard rock band, Sons On Fire. Their new four song album titled "Faded" was released today, September 25th and features a solid rock vibe that rose from the ashes of other former west coast rock bands. They kick off their new release with the polished, rock-radio prepped "Faded," which strikes with a chorus that is simply unforgettable. Their sound gets slightly more edgy with "Paralyzed," before Sons On Fire close out their new album with their heaviest, most aggressive track "Broken Dreams," which will leave you wanting to hear more from this new musical endeavor. To find more about Sons On Fire and their debut EP "Faded," please visit

Next, we have the October 9th release from the Indian metal outfit Salem's Childe. Their new album titled "The Sin That Saves You" features a dozen tracks that showcase a huge growth in the band's sound, beginning with the opening two-minute politically charged interlude "Parabellum." Then, Salem's Childe showcase their aggression with the growling vocals and chugging guitar riffs of "Warpath," before picking up the space with the trash metal appeal of "The Sin That Saves You." They smooth out the rough edges of their hardcore attack with the more mainstream metal sound of "Heart Of Darkness" and "The Veil." Salem's Childe finish their new album with energetic blast of "The Storm" and the seven-plus minute, progressive metal closer "Invictus." To find out more about Salem's Childe and their latest release "The Sin That Saves You," please visit

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Napalm Death Trudge On With "Throes Of Joy" & Brave The Cold Deliver A Debut With "Scarcity"

One of the elite grindcore metal bands, Napalm Death recently released their new studio album "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism." The dozen tracks that make up the new album are nothing short of mind-numbing chaos that will have you screaming for more once its done. One thing that the band has learned over the course of four decades is to not soften the edges of their sound, as displayed in the aggressive clash of "The Curse Of Being In Thrall" and "Zero Gravitas Chamber." Napalm Death blast through the classic thrash metal sound of "Contagion," while "Invigorating Clutch" grinds down their sound with a solid guitar buzz. The band's energy is undeniable in the adrenaline blast of "Fluxing The Muscle," before delivering the most mainstream track on the album, the nostalgic heavy metal romp of "Amoral." Napalm Death wrap up their new album with the three-minute, head-bashing attack of the title song "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism," along with the experimental, industrial metal appeal of "A Belly Of Salt And Spleen." To find out more about Napalm Death and their latest release "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism," please visit

Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris is also preparing to release the debut album from his side project Brave The Cold. Harris teams up with drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) to deliver "Scarcity," which features eleven new bone-crushing tracks, beginning with with the sonic blast of "Blind Eye," as Harris steps up to deliver the album's punishing hardcore metal vocals. The duo take a note form Napalm Death with the aggressive, grinding delivery of "Hallmark Of Tyranny," before speeding things up into overdrive with the shear force of "Monotheist" and "Apparatus." They deliver the ultimate modern death metal masterpiece with "Upheaval," as Harris and Verbeuren pour all their energy into this pillar of perfection. Brave The Cold close out their new album with the solid hardcore groove of "Necromatrix" and the aggressive finale of "Shame And Ridicule." To find out more about Brave The Cold and their latest release "Scarcity," please visit

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Discover The "Arrival" Of aliensdontringdoorbells & The New "Rage" From Potter's Daughter

Next month, on October 16th, we have the arrival of the full-length debut release from the rising independent rock/pop band, aliensdontringdoorbells. Their new album titled appropriately as "Arrival" features ten tracks, beginning with the addictive, high-energy rhythm of "Slipping Away," which has an undeniable pop element to it. The take a step back with the more melodic flow of "It's Your Night," while "Daylight" has a nostalgic, eighties pop vibe with the electronic instrumentation running through the song. The album is just filled with hit singles ("Important" and "Blind To See"), which are waiting to be uncovered. Aliensdontringdoorbells display some amazing songwriting in the tempo changes and sonic rock bursts of "Choice," before finishing up their new album with the jazzy flow of "Missing Pieces" and the golden pop touches of "This Is Me." To find out more about aliensdontringdoorbells and their latest release "Arrival," please visit

Also recently released is the new 3-song EP from the contemporary art rock/jazz band, Potter's Daughter. Their latest album titled "Casually Containing Rage" features only three tracks, but is a great introduction to the band, if you've never listened to them before. The opening track "To My Love" (originally included on the band's debut album) features some outstanding harmonies, highlighted by a prog-rock style guitar solo. Next, Potter's Daughter performs an emotional cover of Warren Zevon's "Accidentally Like A Martyr," as vocalist Dyanne Potter delivers the perfect tone to the song. Their short new release closes with "We Could Be," which is about the social indifferences that many Americans are dealing with in today's world. To find out more about Potter's Daughter and their latest release "Casually Containing Rage," please visit

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bluesman Chris Smither Returns To Deliver "More From The Levee"

Legendary musician and bluesman Chris Smither is preparing to release his 18th studio album titled "More From The Levee" on vinyl for Record Store Drops on September 26th and on CD on October 2nd. This new ten song release finds Smither reconnecting with his roots on this acoustic based album. He begins with the pleas of "Lonely Time," as Chris sings his honest words along a gallop-country/blues backdrop. Next, he sinks himself deep into the southern blues of "Confirmation," which showcases that the simple ways is sometimes the best way to deliver his message. The tide turns dark on the storied lyrics of "Drive You Home Again," while "Let It Go" is just a raw, pleasurable, spur-of-the-moment recording that just radiants so much emotion. His vocals are so honest and experienced sounding that you believe that every story is true, as in "Hey Hey Hey" and "Old Man Down." Chris Smither closes out his new album with the heartfelt ballad "Father's Day," which may be an autobiographical tale of time catching up with you. To find out more about Chris Smither and his latest release "More From The Levee," please visit

Monday, September 21, 2020

New "Diamond Edition" Of Shania Twain's "The Woman In Me" Album Includes Loads Of Bonus Material

Arriving on October 2nd is a new "Diamond Edition" of Shania Twain's 12x Platinum sophomore break-through album "The Woman In Me." It will be available in a number of different configurations, including a 2-CD and 3-CD set along with crystal clear vinyl edition. Eight of the album's twelve songs appeared on the Billboard country charts (four reached #1) and the release hit #1 on the country album chart an#5 on the Billboard album chart back in 1995. To celebrate the album's 25th anniversary, Mercury Nasville/UMG Recordings have remastered the original album for this release and have added sixteen previously unreleased tracks. This new "Diamond Edition" includes an entire album's worth of early "Shania Vocal Mixes" of eleven of the dozen songs on the album, which were recorded almost a year before the album's original release date.

The new remastered version of the album sounds great (even in digital form), as the highly energetic tracks like "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" and "You Win My Love" still have that punch. The delicate ballads "Raining On Our Love" and "God Bless The Child" put Shania's vocals right out front, as if you were in the room with her, listening to these emotional tracks. Fans will want to dive right into the two discs worth of bonus tracks, which starts out with five live songs recorded from Shania Twain's 2019 residence at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Some of the alternate mixes of her hit singles "(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here" and "You Win My Love" add a dance beat, which makes the songs sound less like country and more prepared to be played at the clubs. A couple more live versions of "(If You're Not In Love) I'm Outta Here" and "Home Is Where The Heart Is/The Woman In Me/You've Got A Way (Medley)" is taken from Shaina Twain's 1998 DirectTV special.

The "Shaina Vocal Mix" is only part of the 3-CD set, but is worth it for the pure enjoyment of hearing these tracks with less production added to them. Songs like "No One Needs To Know" is simply stunning, with just the basics and "Any Man Of Mine" is pure country rock with Shania's vocals leading the way. To find out more about this new "Diamond Edition" of Shania Twain's "The Woman In Me" album, please visit