Thursday, April 9, 2020

Discover What The "Birth Of The Cool" Is With This Newly Released Miles Davis Documentary

Arriving April 10th from Eagle Rock Entertainment and American Masters Pictures is "Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool." This new documentary will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally, all with bonus concert footage from Davis performing at Montreux. The film footage contains loads of classic clips from the Miles Davis Estate, directed by three-time Emmy Award winner Stanley Nelson.

The voice-over throughout the film is supplied by Carl Lumbly, as he speaks the words of Miles Davis. His raspy voice feels perfect for the role, as Davis' own voice contained a growl which was caused by a tumor on his vocal chords. This two-hour film does a excellent job touching upon major moments in Davis' life, from meeting and performing with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker to creating new plateaus in jazz music with the albums "Kind Of Blue" and "Bitches Brew."

Not only does the film show all of Davis' magic in the studio, creating timeless music, but it also gives us more of an insight, (more than any other film) into Davis' lifestyle outside of jazz music. Many fellow musicians, lovers and friends give exclusive interviews into what Miles Davis and his music had meant to them, including his early loves, French actress Juliette Greco and dancer Frances Taylor.

The eye-opening thing about this new documentary is how much he abused drugs, in order to cover his feelings. Miles' lifestyle was not easy, everyone wanted a part of him and his music, but he also had an attitude that he was better than everyone else. Miles Davis' playing was magical, as fellow bandmates Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter tell wonderful stories about playing and recording with Miles Davis.

Some of the best footage in this documentary, showcases Miles Davis' rebirth into modern jazz music in the eighties, as he plays alongside pop artists like Prince and Carlos Santana. The film carefully covers Davis' final days, performing with Quincy Jones at Montreux, before going into the hospital and passing from a massive stroke. This documentary is the perfect gateway into the wonderfully amazing world of Miles Davis' music.

As a bonus to this new film is a 75-minute "All Live From Montreux" DVD that features three different performances. It first starts off with the 27-minute, improvisational jazz piece "Ife" from his appearance in 1973, before jumping ahead a decade with two shows from the 1980's. Davis' 1984 and 1985 shows seem like he steps back into a more classic jazz performance, with a stellar backing band that follows his every move perfectly. To find out more about the new "Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool" documentary, please visit

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Myrath Combine Heavy Metal Music With Middle Eastern Influences Together "Live In Carthage"

The Tunisian metal band, Myrath are preparing to release their first ever live album "Live In Carthage" on April 17th through earMusic. The CD/DVD features twenty tracks overall (17 appear on the CD and 19 appear on the DVD), which try to capture the best of the band's entire twenty year career. Myrath were one of the pioneers of desert metal music, mixing a progressive metal sound with Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies to create a unique, but promising sound.

Their new live album actually begins with a new studio recording of their song "Believer," which includes Don Airey (Deep Purple) on keyboards. Then the show begins with the Middle Eastern drumming introduction of "Asl," before blasting into the huge sounding "Born To Survive," which gets the audience worked up into a frenzy. They keep the energy flowing with "Storm Of Lies" and the addictive melody of one of Myrath's classic songs, "Dance." Their sound gets even more intense with the high-powered guitar riffs and pounding drums of "Wide Shut" and "Get Your Freedom Back," which will certainly turn you into a fan (if you are not one already). This new amazing live release from Myrath wraps up with the full-charm of the Middle Eastern sounds during "Tales Of The Sands," along with the progressive metal appeal of "Beyond The Stars," which closes the show with power and excellence. To find out more about Myrath and their latest release "Live In Carthage," please visit

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Check Out New Music From Jack Hues (Wang Chung), Living Dead Stars, Conway and Psycho Village

Music artist Jack Hues has been a part of the business for almost forty years, since attending the Royal College Of Music in London. In that time, he was a member of the 80's pop band Want Chung and co-wrote the hit song "Dance Hall Days," worked on movie scores for "To Live And Die In LA" and "The Breakfast Club," and toured around the world with artists like Tina Turner and members of Genesis. Now, Jack is taking some time for himself and recently released his solo debut album "PRIMITIF."

This new double album release features sixteen tracks, beginning with the steady pace of the nostalgic sounding pop of "Look Of Love." Next, he builds up the intensity with the constant pounding rhythm of "Whitstable Beach," as Hues recites lines of poetry during this Bowiesque sounding rocker. He balances that with the slow-moving, acoustic blues of "A Long Time" and the nearly ten-minute epic progressive rock number "Winter," which shines a bright light on Hues stellar songwriting talents. Jack tells us stories with the wonderful acoustic tales of "Diamond Ring" and "Margate Train," before the soulful melody of "You Are The One I Love" is powered by the song's rock and roll swagger. Jack Hues closes his new release with the rockabilly swing of "You Will Kill The One You Love" and the dark overtones and raw buzz of "Video Games." To find out more about Jack Hues and his latest release "PRIMITIF," please visit

Another recently released full-length debut album arrives from the Huntington Beach, hard rock band Living Dead Stars. Their new self-titled album was released on April 3rd, through Pavement Entertainment and features ten tracks, beginning with the intense, melodic sounding rocker "Redeem Ourselves." The energy picks up with the pounding beats of "Nightmare" and the aggressive, chugging guitars of "Killzone," before arriving at the album's powerful lead single "In Pieces," featuring Max Georgiev (Escape The Fate) on lead guitar. Living Dead Stars take their foot off the gas for the ballad "Hopeless," before blasting right back with the heavy metal riffs of "Fallen." They finish up their new album with the quiet, acoustic strumming of "Northern Star," which allows you to focus on their sweet harmonies. To find out more about Living Dead Stars and their new self-titled release, please visit

Arriving April 10th is the new full-length album from the Chicago-based alternative rock band, Conway. Their new album titled "Something Wicked" is the band's Pavement Entertainment debut and features ten tracks, beginning with the fun, energetic blast of "Missed Me." They add a bit more modern, post-punk sound to "Suicide Party," which gives the song an addictive quality, while "High Tide" carries a more nostalgic alternative pop sound. The high-powered rhythm of "Too Dead To Care" and "Julianna Take Me Home" displays the band's youthful energy, before wrapping up their new album with the alt-pop gem "Varsity Ruse" and the raw energy of "Surprise Me." To find out more about Conway and their latest release "Something Wicked," please visit

Finally, arriving next week (April 17) we get the new album from the Austrian rock band, Psycho Village. The band has had three top ten singles on the Austrian charts and toured alongside bands like Puddle Of Mudd, Nothing More and Saving Abel, and are now ready to invade the U.S. with their new album "Unstoppable." It includes ten tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of "Chasing The Sun" and the electronic hard rock assault of "What Was That." The trio continue to incorporate electronic beats into their overall sound with the steady beats of title-song "Unstoppable" and the more melodic sounding "Broken Hearted." Psycho Village come roaring right back with the intensity of "Foxrain" and the more aggressive attack of "Half Caste Symphony," before finishing their new album with the pop sounds of "It's Okay" and the final hard rock pounding of "Can't You See." To find out more about Psycho Village and their latest release "Unstoppable," please visit

Monday, April 6, 2020

Discover New Jazz From The TNEK Jazz Quintet & Lou Volpe Along With Jay Willie & James Montgomery Blues Partnership

Just last month, The TNEK Jazz Quintet released their latest studio effort "Plays The Music Of Sam Jones," a tribute to the great jazz composer, bassist and cellist. Jones played along side everyone from Thelonious Monk to Dizzy Gillespe to Cannonball Adderely. The TNEK Jazz Quintet's new album consists of seven tracks, beginning with swinging melody of "Unit Seven," featuring the play between saxophonists Antonio Parker and Benny Russell. The solid rhythm of "Bittersuite" is supplied by bassist Kent Miller and drummer Greg Holloway, which just motors the songs energy. Pianist Darius Scott steps up on the seven-minute ballad "Lillie," before the Quintet close out their new album with the exciting, upbeat vibe of "O.P." and "Tragic Magic" (the only song on the album not written by Sam Jones). To find out more about The TNEK Jazz Quintet and their latest release "Plays The Music Of Sam Jones," please visit

Also recently released is the latest album from jazz guitarist Lou Volpe. His new album titled 'Before & After" features thirteen tracks (11 originals and 2 standards), beginning with the wonderful finger-picking of "Up The Road," which allows Volpe to stretch out his playing on these new songs. The album continues with the more melodic sway of "Three Rivers" and "Full Tilt," as Volpe's guitar playing leads the way down these musical paths. Lou Volpe adds his own special touches to the classics "Stella By Starlight" (adding a funky rhythm) and "Summertime" (done solo), in order to help them stand out from the many other cover versions of these songs. He adds a bit of Latin flair to his sound with the rhythm of "Solar Dance" and the exciting guitar work of "Perseguidor De Suernos (Dream Chaser)," before finishing with the light, gentle touch of the title-song "Before And After." To find out more about Lou Volpe and his latest release "Before & After," please visit

Finally, we arrive at the new, upcoming release from Jay Willie titled "Cadillac Walk." It features his partnership with harmonica great James Montgomery, who has performed with Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt and late, great Johnny Winter. The pair came together at a show in Hartford, CT, which led to Jay Willie and James Montgomery recording this new album together. It features ten tracks (8 covers and 2 originals), beginning with the nostalgic pop hit "Three Cool Cats," before showing off their blues swagger on the title-song "Cadillac Walk," which stars Montgomery's harmonica skills. The album includes a couple of Johnny Winter songs ("I'm Yours And I'm Hers" & "Mean Town Blues"), along with a raw, rocking version of The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." After slowing down for the back porch sounding, gentle sway of "Detroit Blues," Willie and Montgomery add a sweet, New Orleans vibe to Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason," my personal favorite on the album. To find out more about Jay Willie and James Montgomery's new album "Cadillac Walk," please visit

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Celebrating The Music Of Ella Fitzgerald With New "Ella 100: Live At The Apollo!" Release

Arriving April 24th is the debut audio release of the concert to celebrate the 100th birthday of the late, great Ella Fitzgerald. This new release titled "Ella 100: Live At The Apollo!" features host David Alan Grier, as he leads us through fourteen of the evenings performances in honor of Ella.

The night starts the night off with Grier introducing his co-host of the evening, Grammy-winner Patti Austin who beautifully sings "A Tisket-A Tasket" and "When I Get Low I Get High" along with the wonderful Count Basie Orchestra. David Alan Grier steps back into the spotlight to perform a sweet, mellow jazz version of "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me." Singer Lizz Wright takes the stage for the classic feel of "Love You Madly" and her emotionally touching rendition of "The Nearness Of You." The youthfulness of Ayo & Afro Blue's performance of "Oh, Lady Be Good" will get your heart pumping with their swift, swinging jazz style, before the Count Basie Orchestra takes the night over with their powerful touch of "Back To The Apollo!."

David Alan Grier and Patti Austin team up for the show tune "I Loves You Porgy/There's A Boat Dat's Leaving Soon For New York" and "You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini)/Paganini Bows Reprise" which brings the show to a close. The encore consists of a classic recording of Ella Fitzgerald performing the ever popular "People." To find out more about the new "Ella 100: Live At The Apollo!" release, please visit Ella100