Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Find "Joy" In The Debut From Gentlemen's Academy & Discover How Ugly Runner Become The "Romanticizer"

Members of the bands Cactus and The Lizards have teamed up to create the "soft rock" group, Gentlemen's Academy. They recently released their debut album simply titled "Joy," as you will instantly fall in love with their classic seventies rock vibe. The band features seven world class musicians and vocalists that put some of their best work together on this album.

Their new eleven track release begins with floating melody of "What The Rain's For," as lead vocalist Randy Pratt (Cactus) puts your mind at ease on this easy moving track. The Gentlemen's Academy add a bit more guitar from Mike Marks and Patrick Klein (The Lizards) to give their sound a little more rock appeal. Then they pick the tempo up even more with the energy of "The Keepin' Kind." Next, the song "Paradise" displays the band's wonderful harmonies during the songs addictive, adult pop melody. Their "soft rock" sound shines on the burning, power ballad "When We Were Young," before closing out their new album with the emotional, poetic lyrics of "Crush" and the bluesy, more progressive feel of "Teetering." To find out more about Gentlemen's Academy and their latest release "Joy," please visit facebook.com/Hyperspace-Records.

Now, we pick the energy up with another debut release from the American alt-rock trio, Ugly Runner. Their new six-song EP titled "Romanticizer" brings together the band's early influences of The Stooges and The Pixies, with a dash of their own nostalgic sound. Kicking things off is the punk-like feel of "You Keep Me Up, before settling into the more mainstream, indie-rock flow of "How Lovely You Are." Their sound is pure and raw, with the attitude of what you hear is what you get, no unnecessary overdubs or re-takes, just pure rock energy, as displayed in "She Was Your Girl." Ugly Runner close out their new album with the quietly building, dark ballad "This Time Of Year" and the final punk-like fury of "Too Much TV." To find out more about Ugly Runner and their latest release "Romanticizer," please visit uglyrunnermusic.com.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Plans CD Reissues Of Four Mister Rogers Albums

There has been a recent resurgence with the children's show "Mister Rogers Neighborhood," due to the release of the award-nominated film "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood." Along with the television show, are also the songs that Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) created as an extension of the show. A few months ago, Omnivore Recordings released the new compilation "It's Such A Good Feeling, The Best Of Mister Rogers" on CD and vinyl. To accompany this release, Omnivore Recordings also reissued digitally the four themed albums ("Bedtime," "You're Growing," "You Are Special" and "Coming And Going") that Fred Rogers recorded during his lifetime. Now for the first time (since their initial released in the mid-nineties) these four album will be released on a physical format on February 21st through Omnivore Recordings.

Each of the four albums revolves around a common theme, as the immortal voice of Fred Rogers sings these special songs to children and adults alike. Rogers is supported on these albums by his long-time collaborator and pianist Johnny Costa, bassist Carl McViker and percussionist Bobby Rawsthorne. Each of the the albums begin with classic, well-known opening number "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and closes with the positive message of "It's Such A Good Feeling." You will certainly fall in love with the music of Mister Rogers all over again as each song fills your heart with love and your mind with memories.

The "Bedtime" album finds Fred singing the loving melodies of "Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love" and "Tree, Tree, Tree," while also talking to children comforting them on what might scare them at night. Fred's voice is always calming, as he radiates positive messages with every tale he tells. Not only does he sing these special songs, but also discusses and teaches us what the basic meaning of simple things mean, as many of us may have forgotten the true understanding of peace and individuality. It's something special with Fred's voice that makes you feel as if you are always learning in a loving, caring way. He even brings the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" to you in the many character voices Fred portrays, like King Friday XIII and Daniel Striped Tiger.

You will come across many other classic songs, which are found on the other releases, like "Some People Are Good," "It's You I Like," "Be Brave, Be Strong" and "Look And Listen." With a combined sixty-songs, spread across these four discs, you will have no shortage of love and caring from Mister Rogers. Each album is like watching "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" with your ears, as these are a true extension of the show. To find out more about these new, upcoming releases from Mister Rogers, please visit omnivorerecordings.com/mister-rogers.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Get The Full Rockabilly Feel Of "Chickaboom!" With New Music From Tami Neilson

Rockabilly/Roots artist Tami Neilson returns this February with a brand new studio album titled "Chickaboom!" Growing up, Tami was inspired by the music of Johnny Cash and Tanya Tucker, and uses that influence on her latest set of tracks that have that nostalgic country swing that perfectly fits her powerful vocals.

Tami kicks off her new ten track release with the bluesy shuffle of "Call Your Mama," before picking the tempo up with the classic country, clap-along rhythm of "Hey Bus Driver!" She adds a little swing into the poetic lyrics of "Queenie, Queenie," while "You Were Mine" allows Tami to draw you in with her amazingly strong, passionate vocals. She finishes her new album with the fun, upbeat, rockabilly delivery of "Tell Me That You Love Me" and the quiet, acoustic lulla-bye of "Sleep."

After a show on January 24th at The Folk Alliance Showcase in New Orleans, Tami will be heading off to Europe in March for a tour in support of her new album. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about Tami Neilson and her new release "Chickaboom!," please visit tamineilson.com

Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Wood Brothers Invite You To Discover Their "Kingdom" Full Of New Music

Grammy-award nominees The Wood Brothers will be releasing their eighth studio effort "Kingdom In My Mind" on January 24th, through Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers. They are also following the release of their new album with a U.S. tour that runs through until April.

The Wood Brothers kick off their new eleven song release with the jazz-infused Americana groove of "Alabaster" and the more upbeat rhythm of "Little Bit Sweet," which also features some wonderful warming harmonies. The boys seems even more playful with the romantic lyrics and southern twang of "Jitterbug Love." The Wood Brothers also like to rock out, as displayed with the busy guitar work of "Don't Think About My Death," before showcasing their simpler, gentle-side with the acoustic folk strumming "The One I Love." The Americana/folk trio finish off their new album with the raw blues of "A Dream's A Dream" and the slow waltz of "Satisfied."

For a complete list of their upcoming shows and to find out more about The Wood Brothers and their latest release "Kingdom In My Mind," please visit thewoodbros.com

Friday, January 17, 2020

Nektar Show Us "The Other Side" Of Their Music With Their New Album

The U.K. progressive rock band, Nektar return with a new studio album titled "The Other Side." It is the band's fourteenth studio album and their first in six years. Some of the songs on this new release are over four decades old, but are appearing on a Nektar studio album for the first time.

The band kick things off with "I'm On Fire," which was originally a poem written by Derek "Mo" Moore to his soon-to-be wife back in 1978. The eight-minute musical piece is the perfect beginning to the album, with it's climbing melody to showcase the latest line-up of the band and how amazing they are together as a group. The song "Skywriter" was released as a single last November and got the excitement of new music building for fans. Nektar stretch out their musical journey with the nearly eighteen-minute rock suite of "Love Is / The Other Side," before the short, synthesizer-melody of "The Light Beyond." Nektar finish up their new album with the emotional ballad "Look Through Me" and the perfect prog-rock closer "Y Can't I Be More Like U" with its mix of time signatures and poetic lyrics.

Nektar are currently on the road in the U.S. with shows scheduled from now until the beginning of March. To find out more about the band and their new album "The Other Side," please visit nektarsmusic.com