Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Emily Jean Flack, Jordan Indiana Gonzalez and Girls On Grass

From Canada comes the debut release titled "Throwing Stones" from singer/songwriter Emily Jean Flack. She is the daughter of Denise Flack, who is a member of the Celtic pop band, Leahy. Emily's new album begins with subtle touches of piano and guitar, while her voice simply soars with beauty on the opening track, "Another Year Gone By." The gentle acoustics of "One Word" are the perfect backdrop for Emily, as you will easily be drawn in to her vocals. She moves into a more pop direction on "Not Gonna Be The One," while also bringing in aspects of her Celtic background. Emily Jean Flack wraps up her new short five songs release with the most up-tempo track on the album, "Throwing Shapes." To find out more about newcomer Emily Jean Flack and her latest release "Throwing Stones," please visit emilyjeanflack.com.

Next, from Nashville comes the latest self-title release from singer/songwriter Jordan Indiana Gonzalez. His new thirteen-song release begins with the energetic pop tones of "Wildfire," as the nickname "American Ed Sheeran" seems to be the perfect fit to describe Jordan's sound. He quiets down for the gentle ballad "Today Is A New Day," as you begin to fall in love with his stellar songwriting and warming vocals. He quickly returns back to the pop roots of "Losing You" and "Patiently Waiting," while the songs "Everything" and "Memory" are the perfect selections to get Jordan the recognition his music deserves. He wraps up his new album with the beautiful pop journey aboard "Starship" and "Burning Heart," as Jordan continues to follow the blueprint of mainstream chart success. To find out more about Jordan Indiana Gonzalez and his latest self-titled release, please visit jordanindianagonzalez.com.

Arriving April 5th, is the sophomore album from Brooklyn's Girls On Grass. The new release titled "Dirty Power" features eleven tracks, beginning with alternative, Americana pop energy of "Down At The Bottom" and "Street Fight." The band deliver a more countrified sound on "Got To Laugh To Keep From Crying," before expanding into rockabilly territory with the swift pace and stunning guitar work of "Two Places." Girls On Grass showcase a nostalgic rock/pop sound with the addictive "Into The Sun," before wrapping up their new album with the guitar boogie of "Commander In Thief" and the up-tempo, acoustic strumming of "Thoughts Are Free." To find out more about Girls On Grass and their latest release "Dirty Power," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/girlsongrassmusic.

Monday, March 18, 2019

New Hard Rock Releases From Shallow Side, Red Sun Rising, I Prevail and 9Electric

After six years of performing live and releasing three EPs, we finally get the full-length debut album from Shallow Side, arriving March 29th through Thermal Entertainment LLC. The new album titled "Saints & Sinners" features ten tracks, beginning with the electrifying guitar riffs and high energy chorus of "Revival" and the southern hard-rock approach of the title-song "Saints & Sinners." Their sound gets even more intense with the pounding rhythm of "Sound The Alarm," before slowing down for the burning rock ballad "Temptations." Shallow Side come roaring back with the hard rock attack of "Hallelujah," before finishing their new album with sonic blast of "No More" and the arena-built sound of "Carry On." To find out more about Shallow Side and their latest release "Saints & Sinners," please visit shallowside.net.

As American rockers, Red Sun Rising head out on the road beginning March 21st for a month-long U.S. tour, they are also releasing a new four song EP titled "Peel." It features three songs that the band have re-recorded from their last couple albums, along with a brand new cover version of The Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't Be Nice." The new album begins with The Beach Boys' cover, as Red Sun Rising do an outstanding job on the song, but it almost sounds too perfect, without adding anything of their own to give it another style. The new release continues with the acoustic based, up-tempo "Left For Dead," as the band seem more passionate about giving their own songs a new makeover. Red Sun Rising close out their new EP with the gentle ballad "Blister," as this release is a great addition for fans to get excited about their upcoming tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Peel," please visit redsunrisingmusic.com.

On March 29th, arrives the latest release titled "Trauma" from the hardcore rock band, I Prevail. Their new album features 13 tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of "Bow Down," as I Prevail come out swinging on their new album. They deliver a more melodic metal tone to "Paranoid" and slow down for the duet with Delaney Jane on the rock ballad "Every Time You Leave." The album's lead single "Break It Down" begins with the slow, moody tones of the opening verse, before the the crash of chorus powers the song's energy. I Prevail take it to another level on the hardcore attack of "Gasoline," while "Hurricane" will turn them into mainstream metal radio mainstays. The band wrap up their new album with the steady, swift rhythm of "Low" and the gentle ballad "I Don't Belong Here." To find out more about I Prevail and their latest release "Trauma," please visit iprevailband.com.

Also arriving March 29th, is the latest full-length album from the Los Angeles rock band, 9Electric. The original idea was to bring the band's re-vamped line-up into the studio to record one song, just to see how it goes. What resulted was a dozen new tracks that make up their new album "Megalith." They come blasting out of the gate with the aggressive attack of "No Evil" and the buzzing guitars of "God And Man." They keep the energy flowing with their cover of Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be," as 9Electric add more emotion into their performance of the song, turning it into one of the highlights of the new album. Their new single "The Light" features contributions from Carla Harvey (Butcher Babes) as the song's raw, edgy melody is the perfect recipe for mainstream hard rock success. 9Electric lay off their attack for a moment, for the quieter ballad "Disposable Love," before quickly returning with the rhythm-fueled, arena rocker "Breathe." They wrap up their new album with another modern hard rock gem with "Nothing 2 Lose" and the intense sonic power of "Outta Control." To find out more about 9Electric and their latest release "Megalith," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/9ElectricFB.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Travel Into The Worlds Of Space Rock With Nik Turner And Progressive Rock With Exit North

English musician, Nik Turner, co-founder of the British space rock band Hawkwind, recently released a brand new studio album titled "The Final Frontier." He started his solo space mission six years ago with the release of "Space Gypsy" and has continued to release a new album every couple of years. This new nine-song release is a continuation of his last album "Life In Space," as he kicks things off with the nostalgic, psych-rock of "Out Of Control." Nik Turner slows the tempo down for the exploratory flow of "Interstellar Aliens" and the experimental hints of instrumentation on "Thunder Rider." Turner and his band get locked into the groove of "The Final Frontier Part 1," before traveling back in time for the psychedelic space rock of "Calling The Egyptians." Nik Turner wraps up his new album with the eight-minute progressive rock adventure "Strange Loop" and the quiet, floating tones of "PAD4." To find out more about Nik Turner and his latest release, "The Final Frontier," please visit nikturner.com.

Arriving April 12th is the debut album from the progressive rock quartet, Exit North. The idea came together when Steve Jansen (co-founder of the band, Japan) formed a partnership with fellow artist Thomas Feiner on Jansen's 2007 album "Slope." Since then, the two have created a bond and brought on-board Ulf Jansson and Charlie Storm to create the band Exit North and the album "Book Of Romance and Dust."

The new nine-song release begins with the slow-building, atmospheric flow of "Best Bones," as you begin to get introduced to this group. The mood of the album continues to be dark and melodious with the songs, "Short Of One Dimension" and "Sever Me." The music of "North" allows you to explore your feelings with it's subtle hints of sound, before Exit North build the music back up once again through "Lesson In Doubt." They finish up their album with the nine-minute epic wonder of "Losing" and the gentle touch of "Another Chance." To find out more about Exit North and their latest release "Book Of Romance And Dust," please visit exitnorthmusic.com.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Joey Stuckey Trio Step Into "The Shadow Of The Sun" On Latest Release

Arriving March 29th, is the new album from the Joey Stuckey Trio titled "In The Shadow Of The Sun." It features the band recording at the legendary Sun Studios with the classic set-up of playing together in one room (like the original classic days) with only a few mics to record the music. It took the Joey Stuckey Trio all of about three hours to record their new album.

It features nine tracks, including two versions of their new single "You're So Wrong." The album begins with the high-energy, up-tempo rocker "You're So Wrong," which is very addictive and will certainly have you spinning this song multiple times. The Joey Stuckey Trio also try their hand at some other classics, like Van Morrison's "Domino," which has a raw, bluesy vibe, and the country ballad "Good Time Charlie," originally recorded by Danny O'Keefe and later made popular by Elvis Presley. Randall Bramblett helps out on the organ of electrifying blues of "Troubles Come In Threes," before the band pay homage to the Allman Brothers Band with a spot-on, energetic cover of "Whipping Post." To find out more information on the Joey Stuckey Trio and their latest release "In The Shadow Of The Sun," please visit joeystuckey.com.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Happy Growl Records Is Paying Homage To '80's Rock Band, Locate Your Lips, With New Release

Back in the mid-80's, a local Milwaukee band Locate Your Lips took over the club scene and was one of the premier rock band's of the area. They had the energy of punk, mixed with the addictive melodies of pop, centered with the musicianship of progressive rock. The band recorded songs for an album that was never released, until now. On April 5th, Happy Growl Records is preparing to release the long lost album from Locate Your Lips titled "For Kenny." The title is a reference to drummer Kenny Baldwin, who passed away from cancer in 2015.

The new two-disc set includes a set of live recordings that were made and broadcast on WQFM radio station and a completed ten-song studio album. The group's sound will instantly bring you back three decades, with pop songs like "De Lon Jon" and "Alive," while they also flex their punk muscle with "Got A Lot Of Time" and "I Can't Take Another Taste Of This." The live disc is where you will discover the full potential of the band, as they certainly knew how to rock with the energetic ska-like beginner "Stethoscope." Their sound was certainly on point with the whole eighties rock vibe as Locate Your Lips perform songs like "Get Away" and "This World," that carry an addictive rock vibe that you can easily latch on to. This trio created some great indie-rock with "Waiting For You To Run" and "Dance Or Die," which allowed them the freedom to flow through many different genres of music. To find out more about this newly discovered release from '80's rockers Locate Your Lips, please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/LocateYourLips.