Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Jazz Music From Carla Compopiano, The Brazilian Trio and the Carla Marciano Quartet

Jazz flutist Carla Campopiano recently releases her second collection of jazz interpretations made famous by Latin American composers titled "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections, Vol. II." She is joined on all tracks by percussionist Gustavo Cortinas and features guitarist Gabriel Batcu, Zac Selissen, bassist Kitt Lyles and also includes a couple vocals numbers featuring the late singer Alba Guerra. The bright, airy opener "El Portenito" gives way to the more elegant touch of "Zamba Soltera." Singer Alba Guerra spreads her graceful vocals onto the emotional delivery of "Vieja Viola," before Carla takes over once again on "Nocturna" to showcase her amazing talents on the flute. The gentle touch of "La Pomena" allows you to fully appreciate Alba Guerra's once more. Carla Campopiano finishes her new album with the playful energy of "Payadora" and beautiful, story-telling instrumental piece "Lo que vendra." To find out more about Carla Campopiano and her latest release "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections, Vol. II," please visit

Sticking with the South American theme, we also have the latest release from The Brazilian Trio titled "Aguas Brasileiras." It is only the band's third full-length studio release, and their first set of new music in eight years. Their new ten song release mixes in a few cover songs along with a set of originals that showcases the trio love for Brazilian music and American jazz. They begin with the swinging tempo of "Maucha Na Praia" and the up-tempo, energetic jazz vibes of "Sampa 67." One of the cover songs that appears on this new release is nearly ten-minute storied instrumental piece "Black Orpheus Trilogy," written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfa for 1959 film "Black Orpheus." The musicians Helio Alves, Nilson Matta and Duduka Da Fonseca handle the task of delivering such emotion to the music with perfection. One other cover is The Brazilian Trio's interpretation of Charles Mingus' "Boogie Stomp Shuffle," which simply rides along on a classic jazz groove. The trio soften their sound with the more elegant touch of "Anninha," before closing out their new album with hustle-up tempo of "Manhatten Style" and the South American flair of "Vila Madalena," inspired by Alves' native neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To find out more about The Brazilian Trio and their latest release "Aguas Brasileiras," please visit

Lastly, we have the Carla Marciano Quartet with their latest release "Psychosis - Homage To Bernard Herrmann." Carla is considered by many to be among the most talented jazz musicians in Europe and she took the opportunity to make her Challenge Records debut a special one by delivering this tribute to one of the greatest film score composers of all time. The new eight song release features some very well-known themes, including the graceful, night time feel of "Betty's Theme" from "Taxi Driver" and the nearly twelve minute "Theme From 'Marine'," which continues to rise with its pulsating tone and hypnotic melody. Many of Bernard Hermann's best musical piece came from the famous Alfred Hitchcock films, including the themes for "Psycho" and "Vertigo." As a bonus, the Carla Marciano Quartet also pay homage to John Williams with their jazzed up version of "Hedwig's Theme" from the iconic "Harry Potter" films. To find out more about the Carla Marciano Quartet and their latest release "Psychosis - Homage To Bernard Hermann," please visit

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

New Releases From Legendary Artists Little Richard and Dr. John

Since the passing of American music icon, Little Richard, Omnivore Recordings has done an exceptional job reissuing his Reprise Records releases throughout the seventies and eighties. One such record, recorded back in 1972, was never released, until 2005. The album "Southern Child" was completed, then shelved, in favor of Little Richard's album "The Second Coming." The tracks that were recorded for this album were eventually released as part of the "Complete Reprise Recordings" box set back in 2005. Now, for the first time, Little Richard's 1972 album "Southern Child" will be released on yellow colored vinyl on November 27th and on CD on December 4th. The CD also arrives with bonus tracks from the recording session for the song "In The Name."

The album was a turn in style than what fans of Little Richard may have been used to at the time. He stepped out of his rock and roll shoes and put on his cowboy boots for this release, which seemed like a much welcomed change that Little Richard was more passionate about releasing. Songs like the country blues of "Burning Up With Love" and the gospel praise of "Southern Child" finds Little Richard revisiting his roots. The twang of "In The Name" sounds as if it came from the Buck Owens catalog, but finds Little Richard expanding his repertoire, as you hear him attempting different takes of this song with some of the bonus tracks. The album closes with the eight-minute funk jam "Puppy Dog Song," which definitely sounds more in tune to what Little Richard was used to creating back in the early seventies. One of the bonus tracks is the fun, classic sounding rockabilly swing of "Sneak The Freak." To find out more about this new reissue of Little Richard's "Southern Child" album, please visit

Another new release from a legendary icon who recently left us is a new album from Dr. John titled "Gumbo Blues." Back in 1973, Dr. John took over the singles charts with his hits "Right Place, Wrong Time" and "Such A Night." He looked to continue to build upon that success with the albums "Desitively Bonnaroo" and  "Anytime, Anywhere." The later became a an inspiration for fellow New Orleans' blues artists to aspire to. Now, they pay homage to Dr. John with the newly released compilation titled "Gumbo Blues," which takes his vocals from 1974 and adds a new blend of blues music.

The album kicks off with the swinging blues of "In The Night," which features the guitar boogie of Joe Louis Walker mixed with the iconic vocals of Dr. John to make a perfect recipe for fun. Fellow guitar player Mike Dawes adds his signature fingerstyle of playing to "Shoo Ra" and Rafa Nasta gets funky on "Woman Is The Root Of All Evil," which adds a youthful energy to the song. American blues guitarist/singer Eli Cook lends his talents to the classic blues sound of "Cat And Mouse Game," before the album finishes with the energetic romp of "She's Just A Square" highlighted by King Solomon Hicks' performance, along with the bluesy ballad "Danger Zone," featuring Finnish guitarist/singer Erja Lyytinen. To find out more about the new Dr. John release "Gumbo Blues," please visit

Monday, November 23, 2020

Check Out New Live Album From The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band and The Ataris

Guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd has established himself as one of the premier American guitarists since his debut 30 years ago. His debut album topped the Billboard Blues chart and has three platinum-selling albums. Back in 2010 Shepherd released his first live album "Live In Chicago" and on November 27th, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band are releasing their first live video "Straight To You Live." It arrives in a number of different formants, including Blu-ray + CD, DVD + CD and as a limited edition double red transparent vinyl set. The recording is taken from the German TV show, Rockpalast and was recorded/filmed nearly one year on November 25, 2019, right before the pandemic cancelled the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band's European Tour.

The thirteen songs set gets off to a blazing start with the electrfying "Woman Like You" and the band's cover of Neil Young's "Mr. Soul." The filming is perfect, putting right on stage next to the performers, whether its following Shepherd's every move on guitar or spotlighting Noah Hunt's amazing vocals, this film tries to include it all. The classic blues romp of "Talk To Me Baby" is pure fun, with Kenny leading the way with his vocals, before delivering the slow burn of "Heat Of The Sun," in which the band just jams for over twelve minutes and is a must see on the video of the show. Another must see is the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band's nine-minute performance of one of the their earliest tracks "Shame, Shame, "Shame," which highlights Noah's strong, explosive voice, along with keyboardist Joe Krown and drummer Chris "Whipper" Layton. They close out the show with a rocking version of "I'm A King Bee," which highlights the full force of the band, led by Shepherd's stellar guitar solo, along with the ten-minute tribute to Jimi Hendrix in the form of the great "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)," which could just not be performed any better than what the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band gave to this performance. To find out more about the band's new live release "Straight To You Live," please visit

The Indiana rock band, The Ataris also recently released their new live album simply titled "Live In Chicago 2019." It arrived on CD and on special, limited edition clear vinyl just last month and finds the band performing some of the most well-known songs. It is the band's first new release in three years and finds them delivering a high-powered set of the band's punk anthems like "In This Diary," "The Saddest Song" and "Boxcar." The Ataris' frontman and founding member Kris Roe performs a couple solo tracks ("Car Song" and "Sam Dimas"), before the rest of the band join him for their iconic rendition of Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer," which is even better live. The show closes with the youthful ballad "You're Boyfriend Sucks" and the final punk-rock attack of "So Long, Astoria. To find out more about The Ataris and their latest release "Live In Chicago 2019, please visit

Sunday, November 22, 2020

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Fates Warning, Surma and Deluge

Earlier this month, progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning released their thirteenth studio album "Long Day Good Night." It is the longest album of the band's 35 year career and runs through like a roller-coaster ride through various moods and melodies. Fates Warning slowly builds the foundation of the album with the eight-minute "The Destination Onward," which finally explodes with energy and passion. Screaming guitars and vocals continue to excite your sense of hearing with the band's iconic hard rock approach of "Shuttered World" and "Scars." They also take you on the adventure of "The Way Home," that slowly rises to a boil before the heavy metal floodgates open to let the music come pouring out. Fates Warning showcase their hard rock edge with the pounding rhythm of "Begin Again," before finishing up their new album with aggressive thrash metal assault of "Glass Houses," along with the nearly twelve-minute epic progressive metal piece "The Longest Shadow Of The Day," which is one of the band's best musical pieces of their career. To find out more about Fates Warning and their latest release "Long Day Good Night," please visit

The female fronted, symphonic metal band, Surma recently unleashed their debut album "The Light Within" through Metal Blade Records. The band began writing this new release back in 2019 and spent much of the year in the studio recording these thirteen epic pieces of music. The mild, atmospheric opening of "Rendition," lets loose to the sonic blast of "Reveal The Light Within." The band keeps up the intensity with "Like The River Flows," as vocalist Viktorie Surmova rises above the music with her stunning voice, as displayed in the melodic ballad "Desire." Singer/guitarist Heri Joensen of TYR, performs an emotional duet with Viktorie during the sweeping symphonic melody of "Emptiness (Is No More," before the band flex their metal muscle once more with the pounding rhythm of "Cages Of Rage." Surma close out their new album with the sonic blast of "Lost To Time" and the quiet, classic touch of "Deconstruction." To find out more about Surma and their latest release "The Light Within," please visit

After a five year absence, France's premier black metal band, Deluge return with a new studio album titled "Ego Templo." Their new ten track release is more accessible and showcase more depth to their music, than their 2015 debut album "Ether." Deluge display the full force of their music with the screams of "Opprobre," before speeding the tempo up to create the chaotic heavy metal frenzy of "Abysses." They quiet down for the atmospheric undertone of "Fratres," then simply explode with the passion and aggression of "Gloire Au Silence." Deluge wrap up their new album with the heavy pounding of "Baine" and highly addictive, progressive metal piece "Vers." To find out more about Deluge and their latest release "Ego Templo," please visit

Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Metal Music From Serpents Oath, The Deviant, Sarvekas, March In Arms and The Advent Equation

Belgium's extreme metal trio, Serpents Oath are preparing to release their debut album "Nihil" on December 4th through Soulseller Records. The new twelve track release begins with the dark souls of "Vox Mortis" whispering their call, before being blown away by the shear force of "Speaking In Tongues" and "Leviathan Speaks." The extreme black metal onslaught is broken up by atmospheric interludes, which prepares you for the growling doom metal of "Malediction" and the powerful blast of "Into The Abyss." Serpents Oath wrap up their new album with the pounding attack of "The Swords Of Night And Day," along with the final musical interlude, the mystical sounds of "Beyond The Gate." To find out more about Serpents Oath and their latest release "Nihil," please visit

Also arriving December 4th from Soulseller Records is the latest full-length album from the Norwegian death metal band The Deviant. Their new album titled "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion" features eight tracks, which is all they need to grab your attention. A short opening instrumental ("Atomic Dreams") gives way to the intense delivery of "Atomic Revolt" and the raw guitar buzz of "Son Of Dawn." The band's musicianship takes centerstage on the tempo changes of the doom/extreme metal epic "Torment Inferno," as you discover another dimension to their hardcore sound. The Deviant close out their new album with the extreme speed of "Martyrdom" the final pounding assault of "Enter The Storm." To find out more about The Deviant and their latest release "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion," please visit

The two-piece Finnish black metal duo, Sarvekas also have a new release arriving December 4th from Soulseller Records. Their new album titled "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions" features five songs of pure rage, beginning with the chaotic attack of "Dark Spiritual Devotion." The duo mix in a slower tempo, along with the dark screams of "Hexenpyre," before finishing their new, short release with the extreme force of "The Sacred Hour Of The Hunt" and the black metal march of "Surtr's Breath." To find out more about Sarvekas and their latest release "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions," please visit

Another early December release is the arrival of the sophomore album from March In Arms. Their new release titled "Pulse Of The Daring" was actually recorded back in 2018, then after months of mixing and mastering, the shutdown of the pandemic delayed the release until December 4th. March In Arms kick off their new album with the aggressive heavy metal raid of "1914" and the classic guitar riffs of "Alter Of The Gun." Their sound become more modernized with the undeniable hard rock approach of "Welcome The Blitz" and the pounding "Pulse Of The Daring." The band's energy explodes during "No Years Resolution," before wrapping up their new album with the high-powered, thrash metal fueled "Thunderbolt" and more progressive feel of the closer "Not For Nothing." To find out more about March In Arms and their latest release "Pulse Of The Daring," please visit

Finally, we finish with the new self-released album "Remnants Of Oblivion" from the progressive metal quartet, The Advent Equation. It has been eight years since the band's last studio release, at which time they have perfected their craft of creating aggressive, yet melodic soundscapes to discover. They start off their new eight-song release with the instrumental attack of "Ignition," before fleshing out their progressive sound on the more dimensional tone of "Patterns Of Spiraling Reality." They keep the energy flowing with a hardcore metal approach to "Remnants Of Oblivion" and the extreme metal delivery of "Balance Through extinction. The Advent Equation close out their new album with the eleven-minute, two-part epic sounds of "The Creation." To find out more about The Advent Equation and their latest release "Remnants Of Oblivion," please visit