Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The High Strung Turn Out "Quiet Riots" and Only Yours Are "Overrun" With Debut Release

The band, The High Strung may not be on the lips of movie fans, but one of it's founding members is. Guitarist/vocalist Josh Malerman is the writer of the hot, epic novel "Bird Box," which Netflix has turned into a national phenomenon. Now, his band The High Strung are preparing to release their new album titled "Quiet Riots." The new thirteen-track release begins with the alternative-pop melody of "Riots Of The Mind." As the band begin to enter their third decade together, you can hear how cohesive this band is during the classic rock vibe of "Legion" and the modern Americana tone of "Goffin & King." The band display a sixties rock feel with "Letters First" and "Summer Of Night," before wrapping up their new album the up-tempo pop of "Eavesdropped Upon Again" and the nearly six-minute, experimental combined effort of "Rubik's Cube/Alien Madman." To find out more about The High Strung and their latest release "Quiet Riots," please visit thehighstrungmusic.com.

Arriving February 1st is the debut album, "Overrun" from the Toronto-based rock band, Only Yours. Their new release features ten tracks, beginning with the very addictive melody of "Doubts," as you feel this band has been together longer than one album. They continue to impress with the steady, bass-driven rhythm of "Different" and the more pop-friendly beats of "Hamburg." Only Yours showcases their softer side on the soaring ballad "Surely I," before quickly returning to the up-tempo swing of "Everlasting," which could easily become the band's break-through single, with it's radio-friendly chorus. The band finish up their new album with steady pace of "Haunted By Love" and the sweeping emotions of "Stay." To find out more about Only Yours and their latest release "Overrun," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/onlyyoursmusic.

Monday, January 21, 2019

John Fusco Switches From Film To Music With The Release Of His Debut Album

Musician and award-winning filmmaker John Fusco is preparing to release his debut on February 11th, through Cody Dickinson's Checkerboard Lounge Recordings label. Fusco is joined by his band, The X-Road Riders and he picks up right where the late-great Gregg Allman left off. Fusco may be best known for the films "Crossroads," "Young Guns" and "Hidalgo," as well as the new Kevin Costner-Woody Harrelson drama "The Highwaymen."

His new self-titled album features ten tracks that bring you back to the southern, soulful sounds of blues/country rock, which The Allman Brothers Band turned into a fifty year career. He begins with the swagger of "Rolling Thunder," as you are introduced to Fusco's ruff vocals, which perfectly balances the great guitar work of Cody Dickinson. The blues come pouring out with the songs "Drink Takes The Man" and "Hello, Highway" as you begin to settle in to this great debut album. The gospel-like feel of "A Stone's Throw" and the classic Delta-blues of "I Got Soul," showcases Fusco's sound well beyond his years as he sound like a veteran bluesman. He finishes up his new album with the exciting guitar-organ exchange on "Boogie On The Bayou" and the dual-guitar shuffle of "Crossroad Blues," featuring Luther Dickinson. To find out more about John Fusco and the X-Road Riders, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/XRoadRiders.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Be Prepared To Put On Your "Travelin' Shoes" With The New Album From Marley's Ghost

Veteran bluegrass band, Marley's Ghost are preparing to release their 12th studio album, titled "Travelin' Shoes." It features a dozen gospel tracks that Marley's Ghost have added their special touch too, beginning with the traditional title-song "Travelin' Shoes." Next, they put a bit more pep into their step with the swinging rhythm of "Hear Jerusalem Moan," along with the wonderful harmonies of "You Can't Stand Up Alone." Producer Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan) lends one of his original songs to the album, as Marley's Ghost put their spin on the gospel sounds of "Someday." Marley's Ghost add a sweet rhythm to "Shadrack," before picking the tempo up once again, with the swift-strumming of "Judgement Day." Marley's Ghost finish up their new album with the country twang of "Standining By The Bedside Of A Neighbor" and the beautiful, soothing sounds of the lullabye "Sweet Hour Of Prayer." To find out more about Marley's Ghost and their latest release "Travelin' Shoes," please visit marleysghost.com.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

New Music On The Arrival From Singer/Songwriters Peter Rogan, Ted Russell Kamp and RJ Chesney

Arriving March 1st, is the debut release from singer/songwriter Peter Rogan. Rogan is a steelworker, who was a former winner of the Great American Song Contest, so he decided to throw his hat into the ring with this album titled "Still Tryin' To Believe." The new twelve track release begins with the sweet, southern rock groove of the title-song, "Still Tryin' To Believe," as Peter collaborates with established artists, Phil Madeira (Alison Krauss) and Wil Kimbrough. The album continues with the bluesy shuffle of "Kickin' The Can" and "River Man," before picking the tempo up for the country rocker "The Rolling Mills Blues." The oldest song on this release, dates back five years as Peter shows us his more delicate side on the ballad "Beautiful Honey." He finishes his new album with the slow jazz instrumental "Song For Keith' (which was a Top 5 winner in the 2017 Great American Song Contest), and a short 80-second "Reprise" to end the album on a high note. To find out more about Peter Rogan and his latest release "Still Tryin' To Believe," please visit peterrogan.com.

Singer/songwriter Ted Russell Kamp is preparing to release his 11th studio album titled "Walkin' Shoes." It features thirteen tracks that revolve around love, travel and chaos. Kamp has had a steady flow of albums on the Americana charts, and this one should continue that achievement. The album begins with the swift pace of "Home Away From Home," as the tempo and lyrics fit the album's subject matter of travel perfectly. He continues with the country flavor of "Paid By The Mile," before slowing down for the bluesy ballad "This Old Guitar" that centers on recollection of the "good old times." Country artist Jaime Wyatt lends a hand on the sweet sounds of "Hearts Under Pressure" and "Freeway Mona Lisa," while fellow artist Brian Whelan works with Kamp on the uptempo swinging rhythm of "Get Off The Grid." Ted Russell Kamp wraps up his new album with a nod to The Band with the roots-rock feel of "Less Thinkin' More Drinkin'" and the all-out country rocker "Roll On Through The Night." To find out more about Ted Russell Kamp and his latest release "Walkin' Shoes," please visit tedrussellkamp.com.

Singer/songwriter RJ Chesney is preparing to release his new album "Amateur Revolution" in April. This album has been almost four years in the making, that began with a simple phone call about a proposition to film Chesney as a local artist performing in Los Angeles. This lead to the meeting of Chesney with Norwegian producer HP Gundersen, and the result is this new album. It features a dozen tracks that carry a classic country vibe as displayed in the two opening songs, "Splendors Of The Earth" and "Pull Down The Moon." You will fully appreciate RJ's songwriting on the gentle ballads "A Place Just For Me" and "Do You Remember Me?," while "Proud Of You Child" carries a very nostalgic vibe. He finishes his new album with the dark emotion-fueled "Death, An Old Widows Peak" and the more inspirational, light-hearted "Rise Up And Sing." To find out more about RJ Chesney and his latest release "Amateur Revolution," please visit rjchesney.com.

Friday, January 18, 2019

earMUSIC Remasters Heart "Live In Atlantic City" For CD & Vinyl Release

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers, Heart are preparing to release a remastered version of "Live In Atlantic City," through earMUSIC on January 25. The show was filmed back in 2006 for the VH1 show "Decades Rock Live" and will finally be released for the first time on LP, CD, DVD and Blu-ray. The show featured a load of special guests, performing the music of Heart and some of their classic rock favorites.

The first guest to join the Wilson sisters on stage is guitarist Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to perform energetic versions of "Straight On" and "Crazy On You." The band quiets down for the acoustic-fueled ballad "Lost Angel," as Ann's vocals lead the way. Country rocker Gretchen Wilson joins in on the classic Heart number "Even It Up" and an amazing cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll." Rufus Wainwright helps out on the quiet tone of "Dog & Butterfly" and Carrie Underwood steps in to duet on the ballad, "Alone." Sandwiched in-between those gentle songs is a short tribute to fellow Seattle rockers Alice In Chains, with stellar performances of "Would?" and "Roster," featuring Alice In Chains and Duff McKagan (Guns n' Roses).

Dave Navarro returns to support Heart for their second Led Zeppelin cover of the evening with the steady pounding rhythm of "Misty Mountain Hop." This new thirteen track live release closes with Heart performing a couple of their most well-known tales, "Dreamboat Annie" and "Barracuda," which includes all of the special guests joining in. The DVD and Blu-ray also contain the bonus segment "Heart Confidentialia." To find out more about about this new live release from Heart, please visit heart-music.com.