Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hot Club Of Cowtown Invite You To Visit The "Wild Kingdom"

Austin-based jazz trio, Hot Club of Cowtown are preparing to release their first set of new material in a decade. Their new album titled "Wild Kingdom" will be available on September 13th and features fourteen tracks, that will have you falling in love with Hot Club of Cowtown's music all over again. They begin with "My Candy," which features the trio's iconic sound on this wonderful swinging opening track. The album continues with the fun, upbeat rhythm of "Caveman" and the more laid back country vibe of "Near Mrs." The band's harmonies during their cover of "Three Little Words" is stunning, before singer/guitarist Whit Smith tells us the classic tale of "Billy The Kid."

Hot Club of Cowtown's love for classic country is heard on the steady rhythm of "Tall Tall Ship," while "Ways To Escape" takes you back to jazz clubs of the swinging 1920's. They finish up their new album showcasing the musicianship of the band during "High Upon The Mountain" and displaying their love for the Les Paul and Mary Ford classic "How High The Moon." Hot Club of Cowtown is currently on their U.S. tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Wild Kingdom," please visit

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jody Stephens And Luther Russell Team Up For New Those Pretty Wrongs Album

Arriving September 6th, is the sophomore effort from Jody Stephens and Luther Russell, who go by the name of Those Pretty Wrongs. Their new album titled "Zero For Zulu" features ten new tracks, beginning with the wonderful lush melodies and stellar harmonies of the opening track "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight." The duo pick the energy up with the steady alternative rock/pop flow of "Ain't Nobody But Me," before stepping back to the nostalgic, acoustic folk ballad of "Time To Fly." Their new album has been planned out as if you were listening to a piece of vinyl that needs to be flipped over. The conclusion of side one features "Hurricane Of Love," which Luther Russell came up with from a dream. It almost has an early Pink Floyd/classical feel.

Side two begins with the power-pop of "You And Me," which echoes the work of Stephens earlier band, Big Star. Those Pretty Wrongs quiet done once again for the mellow, acoustics of "Life Below Zero," before wrapping up their new album with the philosophical "It's About Love," with its addictive sixties pop melody. Those Pretty Wrongs have a few shows lined-up following the release of their new album "Zero For Zulu." For more info, please visit

Friday, August 23, 2019

Bill Bruford Boxes Up His "Earthworks" Collection, While Pat Travers Lets It "Swing!"

British musician Bill Bruford has performed with some of the best progressive rock bands to ever exist (Genesis, Yes, King Crimson), but his latest release is focused on his jazz ensemble, Earthworks. The Earthworks band lasted for 20 years and created some of the U.K.'s finest pieces of music between 1987-2006. Now, a 20-disc box set has been released, covering everything that Earthworks has ever created, along with a few uncovered gems. One of the most exciting parts of this new set is the CD labeled "From Conception To Birth," which features 17 tracks that showcases 8 songs in both their demo versions and in their finished form. Great pieces of music like "Pressure" and "Original Sin" are presented to show how much the songs have evolved.

Another great addition to this set is the live album "Earthworks In Santiago, Chile." This 11-song set highlights many of the band's high quality musicianship, as they lock into the groove of songs like "Revel Without A Pause" and "Triplicity." Bruford's exceptional drumming is spotlighted on the track "The Wooden Man Sing And The Stone Woman Dances," before the band closes the show with the swinging rhythm of "Footloose And Fancy Free."

Now, 20 discs may seem like a lot to take in, so there is a "best of" collection titled "Heavenly Bodies Expanded." It includes 23 tracks spread across two CDs. The full band is in all their glory on the upbeat opening track "Stromboli Kicks" and also on "Up North." Bill lets loose on "My Heart Declares A Holiday" and again on "Gentle Persuasion" in order to give each song its own personality. To find out more about Bill Bruford's new "Earthworks Complete" box set, please visit

Canadian rock guitarist Pat Travers is stepping away from the classic rock scene that he helped perfect over the last 40 years, to try his hand at some big band melodies. Travers new album "Swing!" features eight tracks that give him a new avenue to let his creativity fly, beginning with the uptempo, swinging rhythm of "Sing, Sing Sing." Travers replaces the horns with his electric guitar work, as drummer Tommy Craig helps lead the way. Bassist Dave Pastorius lays down a funky groove for "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby," while Pat Travers' vocals and guitar work gives the song a blues appeal. The band seem to have fun with Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" and Duke Ellington's "Take The 'A' Train," before closing with the gentle ballad of "Tenderly." To find out more about Pat Travers and his latest release "Swing!," please visit his Facebook page at

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Enjoy The Blues Of Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, Remember Ian & Sylvia and Discover Arielle Paul

Award-winning guitarist Ronnie Earl has teamed up with the Broadcasters to deliver a new album's worth of great blues titled "Beyond The Blue Door." The new fifteen-song release features a mix of originals and covers, as Earl highlights each track with his stellar guitar work. The album begins with a soulful cover of "Brand New Me," as you are re-introduced to Diane Blue's sparkling vocals. Ronnie Earl gets down and dirty with a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Baby How Long," which features Kim Wilson on vocals and harmonica. The slow blues of "Drown In My Tears" feels so emotional with the sharp, on-point guitar work of Ronnie Earl and dueling sax solo from Greg Piccolo. The Broadcasters pick the tempo back up with the swinging groove of "The Sweetest Man," before taking on Bob Dylan's "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry," as an acoustic, swampy slow blues number. With an album filled with multiple highlights, the pinnacle piece has to be the ten minute, R&B swagger of "A Soul That's Been Abused." Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters pick the tempo back up with the jazzy rhythm of "T-Bone Stomp," before finishing their new album with soulful feel of the Gamble & Huff original "Drowning In A Sea Of Love" and the heart-wrenching vibe of "Blues For Charlottesville." To find out more about Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters new release "Beyond The Blue Door," please visit

Canadian country legends Ian and Sylvia Tyson met back in 1959 and created a musical team that would turn them into icons. They would create a dozen albums together and topped the Canadian music charts in 1965 with their single "Early Morning Rain." On September 5th, Ian & Sylvia will be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and to celebrate that achievement, Stony Plain Records will release the new double-album titled "The Lost Tapes." The set is comprised of newly discovered concert tapes of Ian & Sylvia performing many country/folk classics like "Keep On The Sunny Side," "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and "Four Strong Winds." The quality of these recordings is excellent, as if they were professionally recorded for a live album that never saw the light of day, until now. Listening to tracks like "When First Unto The Country" and "Little Beggarman," remind you how great their harmonies were, as the two seemed perfect for each other.

While one disc is filled with songs that Ian & Sylvia have performed throughout their career, the other disc is filled with thirteen previously unreleased tracks. The duo try their hand at Robert Johnson's blues of "Come On In My Kitchen" and the heartfelt beauty of Ricky Nelson's "How Long," as they add their own special touch to these recordings. One of their favorite artists to cover is the California country artist Buck Owens, as Ian & Sylvia feel like the perfect fit for the songs "Crying Time" (which includes vocals by Lucille Starr) and "Together Again." To find out more about the new release of "Ian & Sylvia The Lost Tapes," please visit

Singer, songwriter and journalist Arielle Paul recently released her new six-song EP titled "Burn." Arielle seems to get her musical talents from her father, Alan Paul, who was a founding member of the Grammy-winning band, The Manhattan Transfer. Her new album has been seven-years in the making, beginning with the Americana/Pop melody of the title song, "Burn," as you can hear how well-crafted and perfected the songs are on this new release. She continues with the psychedelic-folk melody of "This Way," while "Sometimes" is an acoustic heartfelt ballad that will grab your attention, as you concentrate on her thoughtful lyrics. Arielle Paul wraps up her new album with the uptempo, country/funk combination of "Go" and the quiet, French-singing, folk strumming of "'Til The End." To find out more about Arielle Paul and her latest release "Burn," please visit

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Check Out New Music From Donnie Vie, Itch, The Warp/The Weft and Aina Haina

Original lead vocalist and songwriter for the eighties hard rock band, Enuff Z'Nuff, Donnie Vie recently released his new solo album titled "Beautiful Things" back in May. It features guest appearances by Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) and Mike LePond (Symphony X), as you dive into the opening track "Beautiful Things." As soon as you hear the first lyrics of the song, you are instantly familiar with Vie's iconic vocals, as his voice sounds timeless on this melodic beginning track. Donnie Vie rocks a little harder on "Plain Jane," before the nostalgic acoustic pop tones of "Breaking Me Down" displays his songwriting talents for constructing an addictive musical hook. The beauty of the piano ballad "Fly" showcases Vie diversity, before returning to the addictive pop sounds of "Tender Lights." Donnie Vie finishes up his new album with the playful, upbeat acoustic swinging autobiographical "Whatever" and the steady, inspirational rock of "Back From The Blue." To find out more about Donnie Vie and his latest release "Beautiful Things," please visit

Next, comes the new album titled "Round 2" (which was released back in May) from the Serbian band, Itch. Their new nine song release begins with the uptempo, alt-pop melody of "Prison Disco" that will certainly grab your attention with the song's build up of intensity. Next, we get the funky rhythm of "My Oh My," mixed with a post-punk rawness that makes Itch an exciting band to behold. The energy continues with flow with the new wave appeal of "Defpotec" and the mainstream alternative rocker "ReRe." Itch wrap up their new album with the more intense, aggressive hard rock approach of "Sun Will Rise" and the addictive melody of "Magenta." To find out more about Itch and their latest release "Round 2," please visit

From Poughkeepsie, NY comes the latest album, "Dead Reckoning" from the Americana/folk rock band, The Warp/The Weft. Their new ten song release begins with the roots rocker "Developing Your Ghost" and the slower, steady pace of "Milk-White," as you familiarize yourself with the group's poetic lyrics laid upon an addictive rhythmic background. The Warp/The Weft quiet their sound with the acoustic strumming turned electric blues of "Our Fortune" and then they deliver the "jamband" feel of "Waterless," as they showcase the band's musicianship. The Warp/The Weft finish up their new album with the steady flow of "Saline" and the more powerful, guitar rock attack of "Move As One." To find out more about The Warp/The Weft and their latest release "Dead Reckoning," please visit

From Portland, Oregon comes the sophomore effort titled "Second Best" from the rock band Aina Haina. Their name comes from a Hawaii town near where the band members met while attending the University of Hawaii. Their new seven-song release begins with intense, modern rock of "Barnacle Boy," which sounds like they combined the influences of U2 and Bon Jovi. The album's lead single "Garage Sale" has a great raw sound that is straight-up rock, as Aina Haina have fun with the lyrics. They slow the tempo down for the power ballad "Don't Need Your Love," before wrapping up their new album with the short, expressive romp of "Goddamn People" and the steady climb of the instrumental closer "On The Way Off." To find out more about Aina Haina and their latest release "Second Best," please visit their Facebook page at