Thursday, February 20, 2020

Check Out The New Experimental Sounds Of Deep Energy Orchestra and Funk Shui NYC

The musical ensemble Deep Energy Orchestra are preparing to release their second studio effort titled appropriately, "The Return." This group of Indian, progressive-rock and classical musicians have created nine new tracks, beginning with the four-part India influence of "Moksha." The first part "The Village" is based on traditional Indian fueled rhythmic sounds, which simply blast into the second part "The Battle," which explodes with excitement and sonic exploration. The third part "The Journey" is a dark, bass-led track that simply hums along with it's jazz-like drumming backdrop. The seven-plus minutes of part four "The Return" dives back into the band's Indian influence by bringing in a more progressive rock sound that keeps the music liberating. The worlds of classical music collide with the sonic rock landscape to delivery the adventurous journey of the "Call Of Kali," before the Deep Energy Orchestra head to the closing with the nine-minute experimental piece "Resolve," which works in the many different genres of music on this album. To find out more about Deep Energy Orchestra and their latest release "The Return," please visit

Released earlier this month is the debut release from the band Funk Shui NYC, another large ensemble that combines many different musical genres to find their common thread. Their new album titled "Shark NATO On A Plane" features five original compositions, along with five cover songs, done in such a way that may have you thinking twice about how many different ways music can be perceived. They begin with the title song "Shark NATO On A Plane" which has a pure jazz sound, with a bit of a funky rhythm added to be able to dance to it. Funk Shui NYC take on the "Barney Miller Theme" with their version "Where's Barney?," as they lock into a seven-minute jam that just oozes with coolness. Next, is the classic "Summertime," which gets injected with a Latin flair to give the song a pulse. The sweet sounds of "Professional Development" is a jam that you can't help but want to listen to over and over again. Funk Shui NYC finish up their new album with a trio of cover tunes, a psychedelic jazz trip to "Blue Jay Way" and the funky breaks of "I Feel Free," along with the flashback seventies vibe of "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky." To find out more about Funk Shui NYC and their latest release "Shark NATO On A Plane," please visit

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

New Jazz Releases From The Coachella Valley Trio and RJ & The Assignment

What began as a regular Wednesday night gig, has turned into one of the coolest new jazz trios to come out of California. The Coachella Valley Trio consists of Doug McDonald on guitar, Larry Halloway on bass and Tim Pleasant on drums and they recently released their debut album "Mid Century Modern" back in January. It consists of eleven tracks (seven standards and four originals), beginning with the swift, up-tempo pace of "My Shining Hour," as the band add a bit swing to their step. The Coachella Valley Trio go a little more bluesy with the feel of "Lance Or Lot," while "Tram Jam" feels like a first take of a melody that comes together naturally. Their skills are in the spotlight on the wonderful rendition of "Give Me The Simple Life" and the lovely "Stranger In Paradise." The Coachella Valley Trio finish up their new album with the Latin sway of "Bossa Nueva" and the quick tempo of "The Way You Look Tonight." To find out more about Coachella Valley Trio and their latest release "Mid Century Modern," please visit

Keyboardist/composer RJ (Reginald Johnson) recently released his latest studio effort with his backing band, The Assignment. The new album titled "Hybrid Harmony" brings together the freedom of jazz with the soul of R&B, as they create a modern vibe of musical magic. The new ten track release begins with the wonderful vocals of Kaiton Johnson, before RJ steps in to flash his skills on the keyboard with a futuristic sounding solo. Next, they bring on a smashing jazz groove with "My Mean Ol' Aunt," before slowing down for the soulful ballads "Walk In Your Light" and "Prototype." RJ & The Assignment go more classic jazz with the gentle sway of "Autumn Steps," before delivering a stellar cover of the Tears For Fears hit "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." The band finish their latest album with the nearly seven-minute "Between Now And Never," which allows time for everyone to get in on the action, before closing with the nostalgic feel of "After Service." To find out more about RJ & The Assignment and their latest release "Hybrid Harmony," please visit

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Check Out New Hard Rock Music Releases Arriving From 14 North and The Outfit

Arriving February 21st, from Pavement Entertainment is the debut album "What Is The Feeling" from the hard rock band, 14 North. Their new ten track release combines the band's influences into a modern rock sound that punches you right in the face with their big guitar sound. 14 North kick things off with the thumping rhythm of "Break," which just explodes with aggression during the chorus. The guitars buzz along the dark lyrics of "Face Down," while "Trench" carries a raw, emotional blast of energy that delivers an exciting, nostalgic "grunge" like sound. Before 14 North take a step back from their hard-hitting attack to deliver the ready-made, modern rock radio gem "Bleeding," they deliver the steady modern rock buzz of album's lead single "Out Of Control." The band finish their new album with the intense sonic blast of "Now I Rise," along with the album closer "Hate Me," which simplifies their hard rock sound with this final delivery of aggression. To find out more about 14 North and their latest release "What Is The Feeling," please visit

Then, next month we get the new album from fellow hard rockers, The Outfit. Their new album "Viking" has been buzzing with excitement, following the early release of the singles "Viking" and their latest release, the opening track on the album "Come Alive," which just explodes with energy and excitement. The album continue with the raw, guitar driven "Midnight Moses," then the band quicken their pace for the intensity of "Carnival" which finds the perfect mixture of raw power and melody. The Outfit slow down for the burning, power ballad "Bleed In The Dark," before reaching the album's first single and the title track "Viking," which is an aggressive attack on your eardrums. They close out their new album with mainstream rock appeal of "Little Bit" and the chugging guitar riff of "Sitting Here Alone," which carries a touch of nostalgic flavor in the song's chorus. To find out more about The Outfit and their latest release "Viking," please visit

Monday, February 17, 2020

Annie Barbazza Debuts With "Vive" While Karney Gets "Better" With Her New EP

Italian music artist Annie Barbazza is releasing her debut solo album "Vive" at the end of the month. After being discovered by progressive rock legend Greg Lake, Barbazza is now prepared to step into the spotlight, with the help of some friends. The new thirteen-song release begins with her soaring vocals on "Ys," which also features some sonic guitar work from Daniel Lanois. She slowly makes her way through "June," before delivering the emotional ballad "From Too Much Love Of Living." Her voice continues to demand your attention, as in the atmospheric, floating tones of "Wrote Myself A Letter" and the duet of "How Beautiful You Are." The album quietly continues with the relaxing melody of "Tide," before finishing with Annie's stunning vocals on "Lotus Flower" and the acoustic folk appeal of "Boite a Tisanes," which features Greg Lake and Fred Firth. To find out more about Annie Barbazza and her latest release "Vive," please visit

San Francisco Bay Area songstress Anna Karney is preparing to release her new EP titled "Better." The band and Anna kick off the new album with the up-tempo title song "Better" that continues to grow with excitement, as the band gets more and more involved in the song. The music seems to get darker on "Trust," as Karney draw a political line in the sand. Next, they tackle Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" with flying colors, adding passion and emotion to their performance of the song. The short, five-song album closes with the folk-rock appeal of "Round And Round." To find out more about Karney and their latest release "Better," please visit

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Watermelon Slim Shows Us Why He Is The "Traveling Man" With His New Live Release

American blues icon, Watermelon Slim is releasing a brand new live album on March 27th, titled "Traveling Man." It is a two-disc set that covers the best of two separate live shows from his 2016 tour. The seventeen tracks are made up of a dozen Slim originals and five cover songs. The live setting on these discs showcases Watermelon Slim at his most vulnerable with just an acoustic guitar, as he begins his show at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City, OK with the sweet slide guitar work of "Blue Freightliner." He gets that classic thumping lyrical delivery going for "Last Blues," before singing "300 Miles" with his perfectly aged vocal tone. Watermelon Slim closes out the first disc with a handful of covers, beginning with harmonica blowing "Jimmy Bell." He takes a step back for the storied lyrics of "61 Highway Blues" and the eleven-minute blues medley of "Smokestack Lightning" and "Two Trains Running."

Disc two features Watermelon Slim performing live at The Depot in Norman, OK back in 2016. He begins his seven-song set with the lively romp of "Let It Be In Memphis," as he wastes no time displaying his skills on the guitar. Watermelon Slim tells the traditional story of "John Henry" his own way and keeps the energy going with "Archetypal Blues." He closes out this disc with his passion for performing "The Devils Cadillac" and the politically charged "Dark Genius." To find out more about Watermelon Slim and his new live album "Traveling Man," please visit