Saturday, August 17, 2019

Earwig Music Company Revives The Work Of Cadillac Baby's "Bea & Baby Records" With New Box Set

One of the most overlooked music labels to come out of the Chicago blues scene was Bea & Baby Records. They were around from 1959 to 1989, delivering some of the greatest independent blues, gospel, doo-wop and soul music to ever come out of the windy city. The label was led by the one and only Cadillac Baby, who had a knack for finding the diamond in the rough of artists. After the Earwig Music Company purchased the Bea & Baby Records label, Earwig owner Michael Robert Frank felt that this piece of history needed to be told correctly. This began a friendship between Frank and Cadillac Baby, as the two went on to produce a rising hip-hop singer, 3D (Richard Davenport).

After the passing of Cadillac Baby, Frank thought that it was only right to tell the story of Bea & Baby Records by delivering large assortment of what the label had to offer. On August 16th, the Earwig Music Company will release a new 4-CD box set titled "Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records." The set features almost a 100 songs performed by over forty different artists that have passed through the Bea & Baby Records label.

The first disc showcases the early days of the label when it was led by the blues of Eddie Boyd ("I'm Commin' Home" and "Blue Monday Blues") and the doo-wop of The Daylighters ("Mad House Jump" and "You're Breaking My Heart"). This music perfectly summed up the sixties Chicago sound. The heart of the first disc features a 12-minute story about "The Legend Of Cadillac Baby" told by Cadillac Baby, on the "Blues Before Sunshine" radio show. As artists like Little Mac and Detroit Junior burn up the remainder of the first disc with their up-tempo, guitar boogie blues, you will simply find yourself lost in the world of beautiful forgotten music. 

Disc two picks up with the slide guitar blues of Hound Dog Taylor ("My Baby Is Coming Home" and "Take Five"), before the mellow sounds of Phil Sampson takes you down to lonesome street with "It's So Hard." The big vocals of Lee Jackson and the soulfulness of Little Mac showcase the immerse talent that the Bea & Baby Records label was promoting. Willie Hudson closes out the second disc with the stellar surf guitar-like instrumental "Red Lips."

The blues continues to be the highlight of the set with a couple of Christmas songs featuring The Cadillac Baby Specials. You can't help but be blown away by the burning live recordings of Little Mack Simmons' covers of "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" and "I'm Tore Down." You'll hear the seventies funk seeping into the blues of Arelean Brown's "Hello Baby," before Sunnyland Slim, Homesick James and Andrew "Blueblood" McMahon keep their finger on the pulse of Chicago blues in the early seventies.

After showcasing a couple of hip-hop tracks from 3D, disc three jumps back to the sixties with early acoustic blues of Sleepy John Estes & Hammie Nixon ("Cadillac Baby Passed So Fast" and "Lay My Burden Down"). Disc four also features the lovely gospel vocals of The Gloryaires, Eddie Dean & The Biblical Aires and The Norfolk Singers. The set finally wraps up with Cadillac Baby explaining to interviewer Jim O'Neal that "Blues Is My Soul," as Cadillac Baby was the heart of Bea & Baby Records.

The compact discs are only half of how great this set is, as they are accompanied by a full-color, 128-page hardcover book that tells the history of Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records. The book is filled with rare historical pictures and 45-record labels along with liner notes by many who were familiar with Bea & Baby Records. To find out more about "Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection," please visit

Friday, August 16, 2019

Be "Back In Time For Tea" With The Tea Set, While Hawkestrel Sees Into "The Future"

Classic U.K. Punk band, The Tea Set are releasing a new singles compilation titled "Back In Time For Tea." It features eleven of the band's most well-known tracks, along with one brand new recording. The set begins with four tracks from the band's first release "Cups And Saucers," which is filled with energetic anthems like "Sing Song" and "B52G." As The Tea Set continued into 1979, their sound took on more of a New Wave sound with the songs "Party Thomas" and "Tri X Pan." They brought back the punk-like energy of "Flaccid Pot," before the mainstream eighties pop sound of "Walk Small." A recent resurgence in the band's popularity sparked them to record the new track "Pharaohs," which fits into the rest of the catalog perfectly with its modern post-punk sound. To find out more about The Tea Set and their latest release "Back In Time For Tea," please visit their Facebook page at

Hawkwind bass player Alan Davey has brought together former members of the band to form a new supergroup, Hawkestrel. The project has been years in the making and finally saw the light of day on August 9th with the release of "The Future Is Us." The thirteen track album includes contributions from the like of Ginger Baker, Lemmy Kilmister and Nik Turner just to throw out a few names.

The album opens with the eight-minute, psychedelic rock of "Do What You Need To Do," followed by the heavier rock approach of "World For Fear." Hawkestrel take you on a journey with the mind-expanding melody of "Sea Of Sand" and "The Future Is Us," before the spoken word experiment of "Sonic Attack," led by vocals supplied by William Shatner. The jamming melody of the "May Sun" is the perfect way to get lost into the music, before finding your way through the intense delivery of "Goodbye Death Valley." Hawkestrel finish off their new album with trippy sixties, rock of "Old Dinah" and an updated version of the song "Bad Boys For Life" with lead vocals by the late, great Lemmy. To find out more about Hawkestrel and the album "The Future Is Us," please visit

Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Indubious, High Sunn and AJ True

Arriving August 16th is the latest full-length release from the Oregon-based band, Indubious. It has been a couple years since their last album "From Zero," which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae charts. Their new album titled "Beleaf" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the short, slow swaying groove of "Here We Come," before the thicker dance beats of "Fabric Of Creation" and "Do The Best You Can" takes over your mind (and hips). Indubious slows the tempo down for the R&B flavor of "Strong End," then add a bit of funk to the reggae fueled rhythm of "One By One," which includes the vocal work of Jackson Wetherbee of The Elovators. Other guest vocalists on this album are Michael Leslie, who supports Indubious on the slow grind of "Arrow" and Drew McManus of the band, Satsang who helps inspire the positive work of "Good Ol' Days." Indubious close out their new album with the dance beats of "Blessings Run" and a short reprise of the opening track with "Here We Are." To find out more about Indubious and their latest release "Beleaf," please visit

From the Bay Area comes the latest release from the musical mind of Justin Cheromiah, who goes by the name, High Sunn. His new album titled "Coffin Eyes" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the title song, which has a modern, new wave/alt-pop feel to the song's rhythm. The monotone vocals allows you concentrate more on the music of songs like "Ginger Peach Tea" and "Guardpepper." The light, pop sense melody of "Knife" showcases High Sunn vulnerability, while "Planner" is a sound collage that needs to be dissected to enjoy. High Sunn wraps up his new album with the dark tone of "Not Another Poem" and the sweet, simple sounds of "Life Getting In The Way." To find out more about High Sunn and his latest release "Coffin Eyes," please visit his Facebook page at

Australian-based musician AJ True was a co-founder of the psychobilly band, Zombie Ghost Train in the early 2000s, but since those days, he has composed music for films including "She Who Must Be Loved" and "Paramedico." True's work on the soundtrack to the film "JIRGA" recently got him a nomination for "Best Music" in the Film Critics Circle of Australian Awards. The 45-minute work of art uses many unconventional instrument combinations like electric guitars, tanburs, and cello drones passed through guitar distortion pedals in front of a string quartet. The music is very atmospheric, as AJ True's compositions take you on a calm, experimental journey that will have you taking multiple visits to explore. To find out more about the "JIRGA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," pleas visit

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Musician/Composer Bryan Beller Shows Us "Scenes From The Flood"

On September 13th, bassist/composer Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani) is preparing to release a new double-concept album titled "Scenes From The Flood." It includes a load of guest musicians including guitarists Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Mike Keneally, along with many others. Beller examines the themes of ambition, loss, hope and disillusionment through his new 18-song, 88-minute release.

The album begins with the sweet, gentle flow of piano in the song "The Souring Of Three & Seventeen," before the music takes off with the sonic trip of "Volunteer State," led by the guitar work of Joe Satriani. The energy continues to flow through the funk infused rhythm of "Everything Is Nothing," while spoken work lyrics make you examine the rules of life. The album is broken down into four parts, with the first one ending with the heavy metal assault of "Steiner In Ellipses."

Beller's new album features many progressive rock gems, like the nearly seven-minute 
atmospheric rock of "Always Worth It" and the pounding juggernaut of "The Storm." Part two closes with the experimental chords of "The Flood," right before the jazz fusion of "Bunkistan" takes the mood and melody in a different direction, showcases the many songwriting talents of Bryan Beller. Two of the album's highlights, are also the album's two longest tracks, the build up of "Angles & Exits," which continues to gain tempo as the song progresses. The other outstanding track, is the exciting, energetic blast of "World Class," which includes elements of music from around the world in this epic piece, led by the guitar work of John Petrucci.

Bryan Beller is currently on tour with his band The Aristrocrats. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new solo album "Scenes From The Flood," please visit

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jake Clemons (of The E Street Band) Keeps His "Eyes On The Horizon"

On September 6th, saxophonist Jake Clemons will be releasing his sophomore effort "Eyes On The Horizon." Clemons may be best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band, but he is also a very talented singer/songwriter. Clemons new album was co-produced by Jake Hull and mixed by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones). 

His new ten song release kicks off with the passion of "Swan Song," as Clemons sings this song with strength and justice about changing the mistakes of the past. One of the album's first two singles is the song "Consumption," which definitely demands your attention, as Clemons' politically charged words match the work of guest guitarist Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine). Jake Clemons takes a step back from the hard rock of the first two numbers for the gentle melodies of "Mom Deserves Better" and "Nothing Left," which allows you to fully appreciate his singing. The album's second single is a cover of Leonard Cohen's song "Democracy," injected with a shot of adrenaline.

Jake Clemons wraps up his new album with the wonderful island vibe of "Eyes On The Horizon," which can certainly be a strong contender for his next single with the song's infectious groove along with the quiet piano ballad of "Goodnight." Jack Clemons will be hitting the road following the release of this new album. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Eyes On The Horizon," please visit