Monday, July 27, 2009

CD Review: Adrina Thorpe Shines Through The Shadows

Adrina Thorpe is a singer/songwriter from Orange County, CA. Her debut album had featured songs on Lifetime and the CW network as well as many independent films. Her sophomore effort, “Halflight & Shadows” was released in June 2009 and continues on the success of her debut album “Elusive”.

Her voice on the opening track “Impossible Dream” is a cross between Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan, but the music has a harder rock vibe. “Midnight” has a more manufactured sound which places the focus of the song on Adrina vocals and lyrics. Her passion shows through on “Everything Changes” which displays perfectly how she combines her classical piano with a pop beat. Her delicate voice on “Domino” gives the song its power as she pleads with the listener through the chorus. The gentle flow of “Driving” is nice example of how talented Adrina Thorpe really is. “Coming Home” is easily the best song on the album; it has all the right parts to make it a hit. The subtle hints of music on “Moment To End” give the song a gentleness that the album yearns for. Adrina tries to “Heal” you with her voice, before picking up the tempo with the pop styling of “Kiss The Day”. “Give You My Love” is another song in which Adrina gives her all to the wonderful lyrics. “Seed” flows through the same vein as much of the album with the main focus on her voice and piano.

Adrina seems to play it safe on her sophomore effort. Her gentle voice and lyrics will encompass the listener’s heart while displaying her passion for the music. Visit for music samples and to purchase her new album.

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