Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CD Review: Dredg Try To Over-Please On 'The Pariah'

The long-awaited new album from Dredg is entitled, "The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion". Filled to the brim with sounds and lyrics, it keeps the listener guessing on what comes next. At times, the album could be considered a hard rock masterpiece with the tracks "Savior", "Quotes" and "Pariah". Pounding drums and loud guitars are only part of the formula that makes this album original. Power ballads "Ireland" and "Cartoon Showroom" seem right at home with its harmonizing vocals. The complex instrumentation gives the listener more than enough reason for multiple plays.

The album also contains a number of musical interludes, some instrumental and some vocal, but most seem unnecessary. Almost as if the songs were never fully finished and just thrown on to give a little more insight to the talents of the band. Songs like "Long Days And Vague Clues" and "Drunk Slide" sound as if they belong on a movie soundtrack.

The songs "Light Switch" and "Information" are the highlights of the album. "Light Switch" starts off like a gentle ballad before the pounding drums and guitars adds to the meaningful lyrics before fading back to simpler sounds. "Information" is the sure-fire radio-friendly song on the album with its simple, but effective chorus.

With an hours worth of music, spread out over 18 songs, Dredg has stepped up their game, producing one of their best albums to date. Dredg has just wrapped up their 2009 North American tour and are heading overseas for some tour dates in November. For more information, please visit and

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