Saturday, August 1, 2009

Concert Review: Mohegan Sun Was Full Of Love For Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz came to the Mohegan Sun Arena Friday night with one plan in mind and that was to spread love all around. He definitely succeeded with his plan, but it started out as a slow burning love that exploded with his performance of his Grammy nominated song “I’m Yours”.

As the crowd signaled Jason’s entrance to the stage, he had a few dance instructions before starting the evening off with “Dynamo of Volition”. He sandwiched a tremendous sax solo by Carlos Sosa with the smooth sounds of “Unfold”. Jason got caught in a slow groove, performing “Beautiful Mess”, “Anything You Want” and “Crane”. These allowed Mr. Mraz to flex his golden pipes a little. The audience rose their feet for a cover of Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long”, which finally got the party atmosphere started. Jason Mraz would once again slow the tempo down with the wonderful “Details In The Fabric”. The operatic interlude of “Coyote” drew a big applause from the audience before finding themselves swaying to the groove of “Live High”. Next to come was a funky/reggae version of his 2003 breakout hit "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)”. Playing off the energy of the crowd, Jason dove right into “Make It Mine”. The "love” that Jason Mraz was spreading around throughout the evening’s performance, exploded with a huge sing-along of his hit song “I’m Yours”. After a bit of wordplay, he continued into Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” which had everyone convinced that “everything is gonna be alright”.

Jason reappeared for the encore at a small stage set up in the back of the arena. He invited Alysse Fisher to help him perform his duet "Lucky”. Sticking with his small band which included bassist Bruce Hughes and Noel “Toca” Rivera on percussion, he performed “Never Too Late” and an acoustic version of “You and I Both”. Jason returned to the main stage during the band’s instrumental performance of “Copchase”. MC Bushwalla would join Jason and the band for “Fall Through Glass” before Mr. Mraz finished the evening with the fabulous “Butterfly”. Seeing the ocean of fans, arm in arm, swaying to his reggae/funk/pop/alternative music, I’d say Jason Mraz accomplished his mission of spreading love.

Singer/rapper Bushwalla MC’d the evening’s events, first introducing K’Naan. His 30 minute set was filled with many of his original hip-hop/reggae songs. Next to perform was G. Love and the Special Sauce. Their hits “Rodeo Clowns” and “The Booty Call” won the crowd over while G. Love displayed his skills on the harmonica. Upcoming shows at Mohegan Sun feature the “supergroup” Chickenfoot as well as country sensation Taylor Swift and the Counting Crows Traveling Show. For ticket information, please visit

Dynamo of Volition
Beautiful Mess
Anything You Want
All Night Long
Details in the Fabric
Live High
The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Make It Mine
I'm Yours>Three Little Birds
Lucky (w/Alysse Fisher)
Never Too Late
You and I Both
Copchase (instrumental)
Fall Through Glass (Bushwalla vocals)


Anonymous said...

I was there! Thanks for putting up the set list. I was trying so hard to remember the covers he sang.."All Night Long" was magical. MAGICAL I tell you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

He was simply AMAZING! Thanks for the set list... couldn't remember it or find it anywhere!