Sunday, October 11, 2009

CD Review: Katie Kerkhover Gives Us Attitude

Katie Kerkhover has a statement to express on her new album “Blister” and it’s that girls can rock just as hard as the guys. Her brand of punk rock with attitude and sex appeal is just what’s needed in music today.

The album starts off with Katie seeking revenge in "Over Me". The song pulsates with buzz-saw guitars, pounding drums and "screw you" attitude. This album is full of attitude; "Something Real" starts off as a ballad fairy-tale imagery before being blasted with an all-out rock assault. Katie stresses her point on the album's lead single "Can't Handle Me". She dares the audience to try and grasp her punk rock sound and her "don't care" attitude. Her self-evaluating "Habit" has a constant chorus that gets forced in you head. "Make You Fall" is another great rocker with its chord changes and energy driven lyrics. Katie's "I don't need you" attitude comes firing back in "Without You". The punk rock songs work so well together that the ballad of "Gone Again" seems out place. Her cover of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" is the perfect song to end the album with that sort of energy and attitude.

Katie Kerkhover was awarded the 2009 Buzz Award for Best Female Vocalist. There are videos and song samples up on her myspace page ( Do yourself a favor and check her out.

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