Thursday, April 1, 2010

CD Review: I Yahn I Arkestra Start Their "Love Mission"

Newcomers I Yahn I Arkestra are on a mission, a mission to spread love through their music. Their debut album (released in 2007) appropriately titled "Love Mission" has a very heavy reggae beat mostly provided by keyboards of Ras Jah-D and Michael Kordish. Ras Jah-D deep vocals give off the impression as if he's preaching in the songs "Symbol of the Most High" and "Love Mission". The horns in "All Right" and "Warriors" is a nice touch as Kasiopia takes over the lead vocals on the latter song. "Conscious Revolution" and "Collie Weed" come off like songs that were created from live jams and "My Tribe" puts you right at the center of their mission.

The band has a great reggae sound, I only wish more of the music was heard without any vocals as the vocals seem to overtake the song's vibe. I Yahn I Arkestra are currently promoting their music around the Philadelphia, PA area. Check out the band's website for more information on upcoming shows and music.

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