Sunday, April 4, 2010

CD Review: White Dice Return With "Better Than Wednesday"

English rockers White Dice have released their second album "Better Than Wednesday." Songs from the band's first album "What We Left Behind" have appeared in a number of Adult Cable TV movies and on Radio Station compilations. The band hopes that their new album will capitalize on that foundation.

This 3-piece band from South Wales seem to have the right formula for success. The album begins with a couple of modern rockers "Good Enough" and "3:24". Right from the beginning, you'll get hooked to their pop sound. "Silver" is a radio hit just waiting to be discovered. The album closer is a gentle acoustic song appropriately titled "Grand Farewell." All the songs on White Dice's new album fit together perfectly to keep the listener's focus on their music.

White Dice are currently on tour in the U.K., but you can check them out online at Both of their albums are available on their website as well as on iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

Nice comments about White Dice - much appreciated. Just want to mention the band are not English or for that matter not based in south Wales either. The lads are from Swansea.