Sunday, May 23, 2010

CD Review: Gary Bloom's "Lighting The Dark"

Gary Bloom’s album “Lighting the Dark” draws two conclusions. One is that his songwriting comes from the heart and secondly, his talents lie strongly in his guitar playing. The guitar solos in “Added Impulse”, "Blue Eyed Baby” and "Soul Splice” seem like a tease of what Bloom’s talents are capable of. He slows down the tempo with the addition of an acoustic guitar in “Diamond Mine” and continues with the heartbreaking “For One Smile”. The album’s highlights are the playful “Hailey Girl” written for his little cousin and “Dream Girl” which shows off Bloom’s complete songwriting coming together with an exceptional guitar solo.

Gary Bloom performs weekly shows in Middletown, NY. Watch his live performance at He is also planning a second album of acoustic tracks. Look for Gary Bloom’s album “Lighting the Dark” available on iTunes and at For more information on Gary Bloom, please visit his myspace page at

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