Sunday, May 9, 2010

CD Review: The Slants Provide "Chinatown Dance Rock"

The Slants have gained notoriety along the west coast with their brand of music described as “Chinatown Dance Rock”. The band’s name came from their Asian American heritage, but their sound came from the modern rock of 70’s & 80’s.

Their new album entitled “The Pageantry” starts with one of the group’s edgiest rockers “Every Chance I Get”. The buzzing guitars, pounding drums and shout out loud lyrics draw references to punk rockers Green Day, but that’s where the similarities end. The rest of the album dives back to the band’s comfort zone of “dance hall rock.” The pulsating bass and drums of “You Make Me Alive” and “Who Shot The Radio?” are and invitation to remix the songs for a club atmosphere. The songwriting has improved as their rock sound became simplified as on “Astoria” and “How The Wicked Live.” The album’s grittier, darker lyrics show another side to The Slants’ synthesizer songs of the past.

The Slants currently have some live dates lined up along the west coast. Their new album is available now, for more information on this Oregon-based band, check out

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