Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CD Review: Hail The Villain's "Declining" Debut

Canadian rockers Hail The Villain have just released their debut album "Population: Declining" on Roadrunner Records. The band holds nothing back as the album is filled with pure hard rock energy.

The single "Take Back The Fear" sets the stage for an assault in sound. Bryan Crouch's vocals are strong throughout the albums' 12 tracks as the band follows suit in "16 Cradles" and "Evil Has A Name." The energy of "Try Hating The World" is hard to ignore. The song "Swan Dive Suicide" features deep, dark groove as the band follows the musical layout of Black Sabbath. The closing song "Social Graces" just pulsates rock and keep you wanting more.

Hail The Villain have just finished a run of shows in Canada before joining the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival in August. Check out the band's website ( and myspace page ( for dates, information and gear featuring the artwork from Rune Entertainment and bassist Chad Taylor.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CD Review: Soulfly Hits Hard With "Omen"

Soulfly's new album "Omen" hits you right in the face with its deep heavy metal screams and back-breaking sound. The lyrics of songs like "Bloodbath & Beyond" and "Rise Of The Fallen" are simple and repetitive enough to shout them out after only a few listens. But, the lyrics fall second to the band's musicianship. The energy that the band puts out during "Great Depression" and "Vulture Culture" is almost unmatched in metal music today. The album's dark lyrics only entice the overall sound of songs like "Lethal Injection" and "Jeffery Dahmer." Soulfly's album is hard-hitting from beginning 'til almost the end. The instrumental "Soulfly VII" seems out of place, but shows a different side to the band's sound.

Soulfly's new album is available now on Roadrunner Records. The band is currently on tour in Europe. Please visit the band's website ( for more information.

Monday, June 28, 2010

CD Review: Marcy Playground Is "Leaving Wonderland"

Marcy Playground hit it big in 1997 with the song "Sex & Candy" from their debut album. Since then, the band has tried to recapture that notoriety with minimal success. After their sophomore slump "Shapeshifter," they released the album "MP3" in 2004. After some minor comeback success, Marcy Playground released "Leaving Wonderland...In A Fit Of Rage" in 2009.

The album begins with the lead-off single "Blackbird." Fans will be happy with the band's sound as they stick close to their roots of success. The passion front-man John Wozniak has for this record is felt in the songs "Gin And Money" and "Emporer" containing some of the album's most powerful vocals. The songs "Star Baby" and "I Must Have Been Dreaming" have a sweet, playfulness quality to them. The gentleness of "Irene" and "Good Times" are welcome additions to the band's overall alternative sound. "Memphis," originally released as a b-side, was resurrected for this album and is the strongest song on the album. The stripped down acoustic sound brings out the song's wonderful lyrics.

Marcy Playground will be performing at the Alive At Five in Stamford, CT on July 1st. Also fans can expect an album of "b-sides" and previously unreleased songs expanding through the band's entire 13-year career to be released later this year. For a full list of tour dates and information, check out the band's website

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Concert Review: Ringo Starr Shines At Mohegan Sun

Sunday night, the Mohegan Sun Arena featured the return of the former Beatle along with the 11th version of his All-Starr Band. The band featured new members like guitarist Rick Derringer, guitarist Wally Palmer and bassist Richard Page. Also returning was former members Gary Wright on keyboards, Edgar Winter on keyboards and sax and drummer Greg Bissonette.

The night was like a musical time machine with songs performed from every era and many of them were number one hits. Each member of the All-Starr Band received their moment in the spotlight performing two of their classic songs. Some of the highlights were Wally Palmer’s energetic “What I Like About You”, Rick Derringer’s ‘60s sing along “Hang On Sloopy” and Gary Wright’s subdued “Dream Weaver.” But, it was Ringo’s solo hits and Beatles’ classics that stole the show. Beginning with “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Honey Don’t,” Ringo easily won the hearts of the audience. The Beatles’ songs “I Wanna Be You Man” and "Yellow Submarine” brought the fans to their feet to sing along. With such a wide catalog of music to choose from, Ringo managed to add two songs from his newest album “Y Not” into the set list, the autobiographical “The Other Side of Liverpool” and the playful “Peace Dream.” The only songs that rivaled the applause for Ringo was an all-out performance of Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” and Rick Derringers’s “Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo.” highlighted by his outstanding guitar skills. The harmonizing between the band members was also very impressive during Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie” and The Beatles’ song, “Boys.”

Ringo ended the evening as only a formal Beatle could, with a #1 solo hit (Photograph), and rare b-side (Act Naturally) and closing with the song he is most know for (With A Little Help From My Friends.) The band finished with “Give Peace A Chance” as Ringo wished “peace and love” to all in attendance. As fans exited the arena, many caught a glimpse of the newly added star on the Mohegan Sun Walk of Fame to which Ringo was inducted to earlier in the evening.

It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo Starr)
Honey Don’t (Starr)
Choose Love (Starr)
Hang On Sloopy (Rick Derringer)
Free Ride (Edgar Winter)
Talking In Your Sleep (Wally Palmer)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Starr)
Dream Weaver (Gary Wright)
Kyrie (Richard Page)
The Other Side Of Liverpool (Starr)
Yellow Submarine (Starr)
Frankenstein (Winter)
Peace Dream (Starr)
Back Off Boogaloo (Starr)
What I Like About You (Palmer)
Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo (Derringer)
Boys (Starr)
Love Is Alive (Wright)
Broken Wings (Page)
Photograph (Starr)
Act Naturally (Starr)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Starr)
Give Peace A Chance (All-Starr Band)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

CD Review: "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Soundtrack Full Of Young Talent

One of the biggest movie phenomena's since Harry Potter has captured the youth of this country. The latest movie in the "Twilight" series will be released on June 30 entitled "Eclipse." So, why shouldn't the soundtrack attract some of the most popular alternative music acts of today.

The "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" soundtrack contains songs exclusively recorded for this album. New songs by Metric, and Muse start things off with their alternative pop sounds. The industrial sounds of Florence + The Machine's "Heavy In Your Arms" is a nice contrast to the gentleness of Sia's "My Love." The playful sound of Fan Farlo's "Atlas" is also a nice touch to the mostly alt-rock soundtrack. The album's highlights appear in the middle with songs from The Black Keys and The Dead Weather. Both songs carry the feel of the movie's overall supernatural vibe. The soundtrack finishes with a welcome addition by Cee Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley), "What Part of Forever" and "Jacob's Theme, " the only instrumental song by Howard Shore.

The soundtrack is available now on Chop Shop records in association with Summit Entertainment and Atlantic Records. Please visit for more information.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CD Review: Against Me! Sends A Message With "White Crosses"

The music on Against Me!'s latest release "White Crosses" is contagious with its steady drumming and bass line grooves, but the lyrics have a message about society today. The album's first single "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" has a clean punk sound with a message to hold on to your dreams "when you were young." Singer Tom Gabel's vocals sound strong throughout the album, especially in the songs "Because of Shame" and "Suffocation." Against Me!'s late-nineties punk sound shines through on "High Pressure Low" and "Rapid Decompression."

"White Crosses" is Against Me!'s second release on Sire Records and was produced by Butch Vig (Foo Fighters, Green Day). The album was released as a standard CD and a limited edition CD that includes 4 extra songs from the "White Crosses Sessions." Against Me! are currently on a 31-date US tour that began at the Bonnaroo Festival and continues through July. For a complete list of live dates and album information, visit

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CD Review: "Pardon" The Debut From Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

As the opening guitar chord indicates, Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights are ready to take off. Their debut album "Pardon Me" is full of guitar riffs, pounding drums and classic rock sounding vocals. Tyler's voice is strong and powerful in the opening songs "Pardon Me" and "Young & Free." He could almost be mistaken for Lenny Kravitz or Kid Rock, but that's a good thing. You feel comfortable in knowing that he'll deliver on the vocals. "Gypsy Woman" is a hot , southern rocker with contagious beats supplied by drummer Jordan Cain. The band shows their softer side with the ballads "Paint Me A Picture" and "She Wears A Smile." The album is full of Black Crowes-style rock and blues, a great start for this up-n-coming band from Texas.

Their schedule is packed with dates that include the Bonnaroo Festival, Westword Music Festival and a boat-load more. Their debut album "Pardon Me" is available now on Atlantic Records and F-Stop Music. For more information on tour dates and free downloads of live shows, visit

Monday, June 21, 2010

CD Review: New Music From Circa Survive's "Blue Sky Noise"

Circa Survive are entering their sixth year together and are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Their latest album "Blue Sky Noise" reached #11 on the Billboard music charts and the band have just finished a mini tour with Coheed and Cambria and Torche.

The new album begins with the steady rocker "Strange Terrain." Guitarists Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto gives us a little glimpse of their skills during the lead-off track. The band picks things up on the album's first single, "Get Out" with lead singer Anthony Green screaming the chorus. The soundscapes between songs brings the songs together and makes the album feel like a complete work of art, instead of just singles thrown together. Green opens his heart on the song "I Felt Free" and then pleads for forgiveness in "Imaginary Enemy." These songs are a testament to how far their song writing has come since the band's first EP "The Inuit Sessions." The song "Frozen Creek" puts the band's passion on full display, while "Fever Dreams" and "Spirit Of The Stairwell" shows off another side of the band simplifying their sound.

Circa Survive will be heading over seas in July after performances at this year's Bonnaroo Festival and Pacsun Summer Solstice Beach Ballyhoo Event in California. The band's new album was released in April on Atlantic Records and comes in a standard or deluxe edition. The deluxe edition adds four songs performed acoustic at the Safe Camp Sessions. For more information in Circa Survive, please visit their website

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Concert Review: Classic Rock Reigns At Mohegan Sun

Friday night saw the Mohegan Sun Arena turn into the mecca of classic rock. Three of the bands featured that evening had a combined twenty-six “Top 20” hit singles including two chart toppers. The triple-bill of Kansas, Foreigner and Styx was a dream come true for the packed arena of fans ready to rock.

The band Kansas has just celebrated their 35th anniversary by releasing a brand-new live DVD entitled “There’s No Place Like Home” and were eager to spread the word. Their quick 40-minute set hit the marks with the classic songs “Point Of No Return”, ”Dust In The Wind” and set closer ”Carry On My Wayward Son.” They played their role perfectly by getting the evening started with the thunder of drums and searing guitars.

The rebuilt band of Foreigner contains only one original member. Guitarist Mick Jones knew the pieces he needed to bring Foreigner back from the ashes. Lead singer Kelly Hansen had the looks and moves of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, but the voice of former lead singer Lou Gramm. If you closed your eyes during the openers “Double Vision” and “Head Games”, you’d swear it was Lou Gramm singing on that stage. The band’s harmonizing on “Cold As Ice” brought smiles to the faces of their fans and even converted some new ones too. The addition of new songs “Can’t Slow Down” and “In Pieces” seemed to fit the band’s image, but long-time fans were only waiting for more of their classic hits. Mick Jones took center stage on the vocals and guitar solo during “Starrider,” but it was the songs “Feels Like The First Time” and “Urgent” that raised the volume in the arena. With the crowd on their feet, Foreigner finished their set with “I Want To Know What Love Is” and “Hot Blooded.” The one song encore of “Juke Box Hero” helped Foreigner set the bar for the evenings’ rock show.

Dressed in suits, Styx took the stage just shy of 9:45 pm beginning with “Borrowed Time.” The band played it safe by sticking with songs from their heyday. They did not perform one song that evening that was not written after 1981, except for the Tommy Shaw, Damn Yankees’ cover of “High Enough.” Keyboardist and singer Lawrence Gowan did his best to cover the missing vocals of original singer Dennis DeYoung on the song “Lady.” Original bassist Chuck Panozzo joined the band onstage for their 1978 hit “Fooling Yourself,” but it seemed like the band didn’t “take-off” until the set closer “Come Sail Away.” Fans were happy to see Styx return to the stage to perform two classics from their “Piece of Eight” album, “Blue Collar Man” and “Renegade.” The band sent frisbees and beach balls into the audience as a video montage played in the background. With over three and a half hours of music, this classic rock trio certainly gave fans their money’s worth.

Kansas setlist:
Point Of Know Return
Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Hold On
Dust In The Wind
Icaras – Bourne On Wings Of Steel
Fight Fire With Fire
Carry On Wayward Son

Foreigner setlist:
Double Vision
Head Games
Cold As Ice
Can’t Slow Down
Dirty White Boys
In Pieces
Feels Like The First Time
I Want To Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded
Juke Box Hero

Styx setlist:
Borrowed Time
Grand Illusion
Too Much Time On My Hands
High Enough
Suite Madam Blue
Fooling Yourself
Miss America
Come Sail Away
Blue Collar Man

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CD Review: Green Day Hits Broadway With "American Idiot"

One of the latest Broadway shows to make an impact is "American Idiot" featuring the music of Green Day. The musical is made from the songs from Green Day's last 2 Grammy winning studio albums "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown." The soundtrack to the Broadway show was just released on Reprise Records and comes in either the full 2-CD show or a single highlights CD.

First off, Green Day performs all of the music on this soundtrack, but their voices are nowhere to be found, except for a newly recorded song "When It's Time" found at the end of the album. The voices of these hit songs are supplied by the cast of the Broadway musical. The songs are not new to fans of Green Day, but with a cast of trained singers performing the lyrics, they add an extra punch to the song's storytelling lyrics. The punk-style grit of Billy Joe Armstrong's voice is missing, but the voice of Stark Sands does a more than adequate fill-in as the role of Tunny. As an extension of Green Day's musical legacy, you'll be more than satisfied with the outcome of the smash Broadway musical and the soundtrack only enhances the experience.

The 2010 Tony Award Winning Broadway show "American Idiot" is performing daily at the St. James Theatre in New York. For ticket information, please visit

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CD Review: Folkie Debut Of The John Byrne Band

After 8 years as a cofounder of the band Patrick's Head, Dublin-born John Byrne is finally getting his music out in the form of The John Byrne Band. His debut release entitled "After The Wake" is the perfect combination of his Celtic background and his passion for American folk music.

The new album has an Americana feel brought out by the album's lead-off track "In Your Savior's Place." The song carries a feel similar to Bob Dylan's son, Jakob Dylan's latest release. His lyrics are tremendously interesting and The John Byrne Band gives life to his playful lyrics. The country-folk sound of "It's a Gas That Makes You Laugh Before It Kills You" is just one of the many songs that show his influences of Bob Dylan. In fact, the album's highlight is a song called "Boys Forget the Whale (or John Byrne's 115th Dream about Bob Dylan)." The song is an 8-minute opus to the way Dylan's words flowed together without making or needing to make sense. The lyrics of songs like "A Song With No Words" and "The Ballad of Martin Doyle" keep you focused on Byrne's song writing, wanting to hear more of his stories. John Byrne tries to bring the listener back to his homeland of Ireland with the gentle ballad "Midnight in Dublin."

The John Byrne Band is performing all over Pennsylvania in June and July, but look for him to visit Connecticut on July 25 at Christy's on Orange in New Haven. Check out John Byrne's website ( for music samples, shows and album information.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pianist Clara Berry Brings Her Storytelling To CT

Maine native Clara Berry is starting to make a name for herself on the New England music scene. She has been featured on many local Maine radio stations and was named one of "10 Maine Bands to Watch." She is currently making her way around the upper east coast on a mini-tour. She will be visiting Connecticut on June 19 at The Bean and Leaf in New London.

As a solo pianist, Clara Berry sets the tone of the songs with her voice and melodic melody. "Nightwalker" carries an eeriness to the song's lyrics while Clara is a bit more playful on the keys in the song "Crossroads." Her sound is simple and her lyrical song writing pulls you into her storytelling as displayed in the song "The Widow's Watch."

Clara Berry's debut album entitled "Wave" is available on iTunes. She is currently working on a follow-up EP due later this year and she has a video on YouTube for her latest single "Corner Child". For more information on this rising star, please visit her myspace page (

Monday, June 14, 2010

Concert Review: The Joker's Wild At The MGM Grand Theatre

The Steve Miller Band returned to the MGM Grand Theatre after a quick 24-month wait, but it was long enough for fans of this iconic guitarist. Miller was in good spirits performing his hits "Jet Airliner", "Take The Money And Run" and "Abracadabra" for probably the millionth time. But, he seemed most proud of his newest songs that were just recorded for his new album "Bingo!"

Steve Miller wasted little time diving into the new songs. Beginning with the guitar solo filled "Hey Yeah" and "Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)." The latter song featured newest Steve Miller band member Sonny Charles on vocals. Steve Miller brought out his lost acoustic guitar, which enticed him to tell his story of how it was stolen and returned by the FBI. After a heartfelt version of "Seasons," he dedicated "Wild Mountain Honey" to his fellow band-mate and good friend Norton Buffalo. An acoustic version of his signature tune "The Joker" was a nice change with the audience providing the guitar squeals. Sonny Charles showed off his dance steps on the new song "Ooh Poo Pah Doo." Miller dedicated his 1968 hit "Living In The USA" to all the soldiers fighting the wars for our freedom. The main set ended with Steve Miller trading verses with the audience on "Rock'n Me."

Steve Miller welcomed the crowd to "Swingtown" upon his return to the stage. His backdrop of a whirlwind of guitars and lights added to the party-like atmosphere. Miller proceeded to take requests from the audience, performing a rough version of "Space Cowboy" and an electric version of "The Joker." "Jungle Love" found some people dancing in the aisle and in their seats, but the closer "Fly Like An Eagle" stole the show. The band jammed for over twenty-minutes which included solos by keyboardist Joseph Wooten and and bassist Kenny Lee Lewis .

After a wave and a "thank you," Steve Miller left the stage, but not before some words of encouragement and dedication. Fans poured out of the theatre with grins in their faces knowing they've just see one of the greatest guitarist of all-time.

Space Intro
Jet Airliner
Take The Money And Run
Mercury Blues
Hey Yeah
Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
Nothin' Wrong
Just Can't Keep From Crying
Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
Wild Mountain Honey
The Joker
Dance, Dance, Dance
Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Don't Cha Know
Living In The USA
Rock'n Me

Space Cowboy
The Joker
Jungle Love
Fly Like An Eagle

Friday, June 11, 2010

CD Review: The Cringe's "Play Thing"

The Cringe released their latest album "Play Thing" earlier this week. Recorded with longtime engineer Steve Hardy (Vertical Horizon) along with input from producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, XTC) it is the band's most accomplished record to date.

The album's lead-off track "Ride" finds the right combination from singer's John Cusimano's lyrics and the band's aggressive, energetic sound. The maturity of the band is felt in the songs "Weary Me", the gentle "In The End (We All Are The Same)" and the speed and power of "Where It Hurts." The radio-friendly songs "No Control" and "Knee Deep" should attract more listeners with this album. The band shows its diversity with the power ballad "When I Stay Home," the build-up rocker "Poison" and the punk sounds of "Friends & Family."

The Cringe currently have dates booked along the east coast into September. Look for the band's new album "Play Thing" available now on Listen Records and visit The Cringe's website for more information.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

CD Review: Aloud's Newest Release "Fan The Fury"

Alternative rockers Aloud are on a mini-tour between recordings of the new album. The band will make stops in Connecticut on June 19 at Cousin Larry's in Danbury and July 7 at The Space in Hamden. Aloud will be performing songs from the band's first two albums as well as some new tracks they have been working on in the studio.

Aloud's newest album "Fan The Fury" has greatness and energy sprinkled throughout its 13 tracks. Songs like "The Last Time," "Fan The Fury," and "The Battle of Love" are modern rock radio hits waiting to be discovered. All the ingredients are in place to make their songs breakthrough to the mainstream. The double lead vocals of Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa are very evident on the songs "Murder Will Out" and "You Got Me Wrong." It adds another dimension to the band's overall alternative rock sound. The songs "Nero" and "When The Ants Attack The Queen" show off Aloud's energy and creativity with its off-beat drumming and buzzing guitars. The end of the album slows down with the piano/acoustic pop song "Backs To The Wall" and the ballad "Justice & Forgiveness."

For more information on Aloud's upcoming tour and their albums "Fan The Fury" and "Leave Your Light On", visit the band's website

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CD Review: White Widow Shows Us Her "Black Heart"

Musical artist, White Widow, whose name comes from the Stevie Nicks' song "Gold Dust Woman," is making a impact in music. Her latest release "Black Heart" is her most vulnerable album to date and is available now.

The album's title track "Black Heart" shows White Widow's soft side until the chorus comes crashing in with a pounding drumbeat and pleading vocals. "Quitter" shows off the White Widow's rock attitude, but her voice seems to take a backseat to the music in the overall sound mix. At times, the music takes away from her powerful voice. White Widow performs a passionate cover of her idol, Steve Nicks' song "Lady From The Mountain." The song "Warriors" carries a nice groove, but lacks the punch needed to make this song stand-out. At times, her voice draws comparisons to Tori Amos with her soft, but powerful singing style as evident in the songs "Strong Again" and "In Your Life."

Her music has been licensed to MTV and featured in numerous movies and television shows. She has toured for the past few years, opening for the likes of Sandra Bernhard and guitarist Steve Mazur of Our Lady Peace. She's performed at the legendary CBGB and SXSW Festival and is currently on tour on the east coast. She will be performing at the City Ale House in Danbury, CT on June 18. For more shows and information, please visit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CD Review: First Impression of Danika Holmes' "Second Chances"

Singer/songwriter Danika Holmes was looking for a "normal career" before music pulled her back in the right direction. She has just released her debut album "Second Chances." The songs "Lock Me In Tonight," and the album's lead-off song "Half As Strong As You" carry a strong country sound with an even stronger, memorable chorus. Danika's voice floats between sounds of Jewel and Dolly Parton. The song "Unlit Match" is an interesting experiment in sound textures with some great lyrics, but does not carry enough of a punch. Her voice in the song "Pockets Full of Gold" flows perfectly with the piano keys as her strength lies in soft, gentle ballads. The storytelling in "Annie May" shows off Danika's folksier side to her song-writing. The meaningful album closer "Dear Friends" is a pop song that pays tribute to fans, friends and family. Danika's album is available on her website and she just released a video for the song Lock Me In Tonight.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sheila Nicholls Sings "Songs from the Bardo"

Singer/songwriter Sheila Nicholls' newest release "Songs from the Bardo" displays her talents for song-writing. The album was produced and released on her own label. She currently has two songs on for you to view. Her song "Bardo" is full of strumming acoustics while her voice sounds like a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow. "Natural Law" is a bit more edgier, but it's Sheila's voice during the chorus that makes this song move. Her full album is available on iTunes and through her website

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Enthusiasts Bring You "In The City"

New York City rock trio, The Enthusiasts have just released a brand new 7" single for the song "In The City". The band's punk-style energy shines bright. The 2:34 song is high on guitar riffs and low on lyrics, but it works well. The b-side of the single is the song "My Two Worlds." While this song is not as strong as the "In The City" single, The Enthusiasts do show another dimension to their punk sound. For a copy of The Enthusiasts new single, visit their myspace page at

Friday, June 4, 2010

CD Review: The Book of Eli's Moody Soundscape

The soundtrack to the movie, The Book Of Eli, is a landscape in sound. Released back in January to coincide with the release of the film in theaters, the soundtrack performs its expected duties, capturing the mood and feelings from specific moments in the film.

Synthesizers become the main backdrop to capture the mood of the movie. The aptly titled opener "Panoramic" scans the talents of film composer Atticus Ross. The orchestra is almost undetectable until the 3rd song "The Journey". Ross does a fine job in making this soundtrack hold together as a solid piece of musical exploration. Musical excerpts "Solara Violated" and "Human" benefit with the use of headphones to really appreciate the stereo sounds flowing through the speakers. The tone of the soundtrack turns dark with "Den Of Vice" and "Gattling" before returning with the powerful "Convoy Destruct" and "Carnegie's Demise".

The soundtrack doesn't stray far from its moody overtone, but plays perfectly as an extension of the film. The soundtrack to The Book Of Eli is in stores now and look for the DVD to arrive on June 15.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CD Review: Airbourne's Glorious Sophomore Release

Australian rockers Airbourne are one of the bands that are carrying the torch for rock ‘n’ roll music. The band’s latest release, “No Guts. No Glory.” is full of AC/DC guitar riffs and screaming vocals. “Born to Kill” and “No Way But The Hard Way” are the rock anthems for this generation with Joel O’Keefe’s vocals driving the sound. Songs like “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” and “Raise The Flag” get embedded in your mind with there repetitive chorus that keep you singing after just one listen. The band speeds things up with the songs, “It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over” and the album closer “Back On The Bottle.” This album is so full of hard rock energy that you feel you can take on anything. As they say, this album is all killer and no filler.

Airbourne are currently on tour in Europe before returning to the US in August to join the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival with Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and others. “No Guts. No Glory.” is available now on Roadrunner Records. Visit the band’s website ( for more information.