Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CD Review: Folkie Debut Of The John Byrne Band

After 8 years as a cofounder of the band Patrick's Head, Dublin-born John Byrne is finally getting his music out in the form of The John Byrne Band. His debut release entitled "After The Wake" is the perfect combination of his Celtic background and his passion for American folk music.

The new album has an Americana feel brought out by the album's lead-off track "In Your Savior's Place." The song carries a feel similar to Bob Dylan's son, Jakob Dylan's latest release. His lyrics are tremendously interesting and The John Byrne Band gives life to his playful lyrics. The country-folk sound of "It's a Gas That Makes You Laugh Before It Kills You" is just one of the many songs that show his influences of Bob Dylan. In fact, the album's highlight is a song called "Boys Forget the Whale (or John Byrne's 115th Dream about Bob Dylan)." The song is an 8-minute opus to the way Dylan's words flowed together without making or needing to make sense. The lyrics of songs like "A Song With No Words" and "The Ballad of Martin Doyle" keep you focused on Byrne's song writing, wanting to hear more of his stories. John Byrne tries to bring the listener back to his homeland of Ireland with the gentle ballad "Midnight in Dublin."

The John Byrne Band is performing all over Pennsylvania in June and July, but look for him to visit Connecticut on July 25 at Christy's on Orange in New Haven. Check out John Byrne's website ( for music samples, shows and album information.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. This is a fantastic CD! It's quite well put together,incorporates great sound, provocative lyrics and the voice of a wonderful crooner in front. What more can one ask for?

Rob Oslan said...

John Byrne is one of the purest artists to come along in years. John has paid his dues and honed his craft as the front man for Patrick's Head. He now leads the John Byrne Band with his best work yet. "After The Wake" is the equivalent of Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks." This is a must-have CD of our time!

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