Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CD Review: Soulfly Hits Hard With "Omen"

Soulfly's new album "Omen" hits you right in the face with its deep heavy metal screams and back-breaking sound. The lyrics of songs like "Bloodbath & Beyond" and "Rise Of The Fallen" are simple and repetitive enough to shout them out after only a few listens. But, the lyrics fall second to the band's musicianship. The energy that the band puts out during "Great Depression" and "Vulture Culture" is almost unmatched in metal music today. The album's dark lyrics only entice the overall sound of songs like "Lethal Injection" and "Jeffery Dahmer." Soulfly's album is hard-hitting from beginning 'til almost the end. The instrumental "Soulfly VII" seems out of place, but shows a different side to the band's sound.

Soulfly's new album is available now on Roadrunner Records. The band is currently on tour in Europe. Please visit the band's website (www.soulflyweb.com) for more information.

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