Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CD Review: Alan Cohen Experiences "Space & Time"

The Alan Cohen Experience's latest release "Space & Time" is strongly based on Stephen Hawking's book "A Brief History of Time." Cohen found inspiration while reading this book and his new album definitely reflects it.

Cohen introduces you with a reading from John F. Kennedy relating to space and science spoken over an almost a "Stairway To Heaven" style instrumental. His lyrics in the song "Is It Infinite?" make you wonder as he tries to expand your mind with his voice and music. Songs don't get much more simpler than "Einstein," but its the simplicity that makes these songs catchy. He doesn't try to confuse you with any obscure terms, only what is needed to keep you remembering these songs. "The Uncertainty Principle" carries a pop beat with some uncommon lyrics, while "Black Hole" pulsates into your memory. Alan has fun simplifying the understanding of the universe and the music on his new album reflects that. Who else would rhyme the words "atom" with "madam." Alan finishes the album with a reading from Stephen Hawking to sum up the album's meaning.

This album will be available on August 31 through the Alan Cohen Experience website (alancohenexperience.com). Also check out the website for updates and tour information.

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