Monday, August 16, 2010

CD Review: Neil Nathan Answers "The Distance Calls"

Singer-songwriter Neil Nathan, a native of New York City, needed to travel to Detroit to record his debut album "The Distance Calls." His travels only helped his sound by getting The Go's Bobby Harlow to produce the album and a who's who of Detroit's indie rock scene to perform with Neil on the album.

Neil Nathan's voice and acoustic rock sound draws strong similarities to Matthew Sweet, especially on the album's lead off single "California Run." The chorus is so catchy that it's sure to catch the attention of radio. Neil switches between the alternative rock sounds of "Highways" and "Get On" to the acoustic gentleness of "Don't Walk Away." The pop-rock songs "Never Enough" and "Too Late" show off a side of Neil's song-writing talent of putting together words and sounds that become memorable after only a couple of listens. The heartfelt ballad "Eyes Wide Open" lays his feelings on the table for us. Neil plugs in for the rocker "Better Be Goin'" before finishing with the folk sounds "Far Off."

Neil Nathan's comfort is certainly with an acoustic guitar in his hands. His cover of Electric Light Orchestra's "Do Ya" was featured on Showtime's "Californication Soundtrack." His music also appeared in the film "Descent." Neil's debut album will be released on August 24 through Pirate Vinyl Records. For more information, please visit

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I heard the music The Distance Calls was really very good . I appreciate Nathan and congratulate for this nice album release.