Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CD Review: Voxhaul Broadcast Rocks "Fact"

Voxhaul Broadcast have just released their new EP entitled "Fact, Fiction & Turquoise." This EP is the anticipated follow-up to their album "Rotten Apples."

The unique rock sound of the opening track "Days Are Long" features a piano that battles to fit in with the other instruments and becomes the highlight of the song. "Fact And Fiction" carries a Rolling Stones-type shuffle to the song's sound with the vocals passionately sung over the top by Dave Dennis. "Lost Along The Way" seems like a Kings of Leon out-take with its unorthodox drumbeat and preaching vocals. Voxhaul Broadcast slows the tempo down to a waltz in the song "Tattooed Bible" before closing the album out with the guitar driven "Shivers."

The band will be performing in various locations in California throughout the month of August before heading east in early September. Voxhaul Broadcast will be performing at Cousin Larrys in Danbury, CT on September 10. For more information, please visit www.voxhaulbroadcast.com.

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