Monday, November 8, 2010

CD Review: "Blood/Candy" Is The Right Formula For The Posies

Nineties alternative rockers The Posies return with a new album entitled "Blood/Candy." It's the band's first studio album in the last five years and their second album released on Rykodisc.

The sound from the album's lead-off song "Plastic Paperbacks" put you right back to The Posies 1990's heyday. The combination of strong lyrics sung by guest vocalist Hugh Cornwell and a Smashing Pumpkins-type vibe works to The Posies advantage. The album's first three songs contain a "little help from friends" on vocals. The addition of Kay Hanley's vocals turns "The Glitter Prize" into an alternative-pop masterpiece. Continuing the trend, "Licenses To Hide" features the guest vocals of Lisa Lobsinger, as the band expands their song-writing to show their growth over the last half-decade. The Posies finally settle into their up-tempo groove with "So Caroline" and "Take Care of Yourself." Without a weak song on the album, a full listen is in order to appreciate how far this band has grown.

The Posies returned to the states after a month-long tour of Europe. They will be hitting the east cost around the middle of November. For a complete list of tour dates and album information, please visit

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