Sunday, November 28, 2010

CD Review: The Boat People Remix The "Antidote"

Australia's newest indie band, The Boat People are releasing a remix EP entitled "Antidote & Dance To My Pain: The Remix EP." The album is a double A-side with two of the band's newest singles plus 3 remixes of those two singles. The Boat People released their latest album back in June entitled "Dear Darkly."

The alternative rock sound that the band is known for shines through on "Antidote." The lyrics and chorus just mesh so well with the band's music. "Dance To My Pain," the EP's second single carries more of a "get up and dance" vibe which is the perfect invitation to get the remix treatment. The two remixes for their single "Antidote," do little to help the song's overall appeal. The remix of "Dance To My Pain" will be received better with the right combination of beats and rhythms.

The Boat People have just wrapped up a tour in their home country of Australia. For more information on this indie band visit their myspace page (

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