Monday, December 13, 2010

CD Review: Seafarer Show You Their "Hiding Places"

Seafarer is a new trio out of Chicago that is finally spreading their music to the masses. The hard working band produced a self-released EP this year entitled "Hiding Places" that has received praise from critics on their raw, almost punk style.

The up-tempo music from the opener "Translation" matches the output singer Patrick Grzelewski gives to his vocals. The bands seems to "trip out" on a soundscape of feedback during "Sound It Makes" before returning to the song's pop lyrics. The band mixes tempos on "Watch It Flooood" to go with it's story-telling lyrics. The moody sounding "Functional" captures the true essence of the band's words and music. The album closer "Noise Fllor" stretches toward the 6-minute mark showing the instrumental talents of the band.

Seafarer has two shows in the Chicago area on their schedule. For more information, please visit their myspace page (

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