Monday, December 6, 2010

New Sounds Of The Season

Well, the Christmas season is upon us once again and that means it's time for some of the biggest names in entertainment to release some new holiday music for fans to buy.

This Christmas season has been dominated by the ladies. New releases by Mariah Carey (Merry Christmas II You), Annie Lennox (A Christmas Cornucopia), Jessica Simpson (Happy Christmas), Wilson Phillips (Christmas Harmony), Indigo Girls (Holly Happy Days), Katherine McPhee (Christmas Is A Time To Say I Love You) and Shelby Lynne (Merry Christmas) have been near the top of the holiday album charts since their releases.

One of this year's most anticipated releases for this holiday could only be found at one store. Target received the exclusive rights to the Christmas album by country superstars, Lady Antebellum. After a hugely successful new studio album earlier this year, Lady Antebellum thought it would be the perfect time to release their Christmas CD entitled "A Merry Little Christmas". The 6-song EP debuted in the Top 20 upon its release.

But, it seems that the must own albums of the season are by a former talent show finalist and a television high-school quire group. Singing sensation Susan Boyle released her new holiday album "The Gift" back in November. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts and has sold over one million copies in only one month. Her voice on this album seems to capture the hearts of people during this joyful season.

One of the biggest surprise acts of the past year is the tuneful singers of the hit television show Glee. Their Christmas album entitled "Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album" put the voices of the cast to a dozen Christmas classics as they add their own little spin to the songs. So, make this season bright with some shiny new discs in your CD player.

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UK said...

Christmas is still weeks away but Glee's gotten an early start on the holiday gift-giving season by delivering to its fans a special Christmas-themed album. These 12 tracks are some of the music to be featured in the Christmas episode "Sue The Grinch."