Sunday, January 30, 2011

CD Review: Bravo Delta's "Acoustic Sessions"

Indie artist Bravo Delta is releasing an album of acoustic tracks entitled "The Acoustic Sessions." His smooth, powerful voice would be better suited in-front of a band of top-notch rock musicians. His song "The Product" has a good melody, but lacks the punch that a supporting band would provide. "Rainfall" has the perfect sound to capture his singer/songwriting talents and would work just as well with a band as it does acoustically. The song "Moonchild" has the lyrics and melody to make this a bigger song with the addition of more instruments.

Bravo Delta's song-writing is top notch with some great lyrics. While many of the songs on this EP sound very polished, some still sound incomplete without that burst of energy behind it. Bravo Delta does not have any shows booked at the moment, but check out for any upcoming shows and album information.

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