Thursday, January 6, 2011

CD Review: David Gergen Brings Us "Nearer"

Singer, songwriter, musician David Gergen has been performing on his own for the last decade. His latest release "The Nearer It Was The Farther It Became" shows off the growth in his songwriting, drawing from his influences (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Wilco).

David's country blues sound soars on "The Streets I'm Walkin'". His songs perform better without the steady beat of a drum machine. The acoustic campfire sounding "It's Down Here" finds David in the perfect setting for his one-man sound. The album takes a slightly left turn with the experimental pop sounds of "Ore De Electro" and "Love Blues #11" before returning to his Johnny Cash interpretation "Thru A Fairy's White Cloud." His voice meshes the best with simple arrangements as with an acoustic guitar in "Blues For Sale" and a piano in "The Other Side Of The Sea."

David Gergen's new album "The Nearer It Was the Farther It Became" will be released on January 18. For more information, visit his myspace page (

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