Sunday, January 16, 2011

CD Review: Enjoy Your Pumas Find A "Commonality"

Indie-rock band Enjoy Your Pumas is releasing their new album "Commonality" on February 1 on the Manitoba Film & Music label. This Canadian band is fronted by the powerful vocals of Rosanne Blais. Her voice draws a strong resemblance to Gwen Stefani of the ska/punk band No Doubt. But, Enjoy Your Pumas carries a more alternative rock sound similar to Radiohead.

The gentle flow at the beginning of "Setback" quickly finds its groove during the song's chorus. The band's up-tempo beat in "Weight Of The Circles" gets guided by the song's simple, but catchy lyrics. Rosanne's voice against the piano backdrop in "Sister Rose" is a nice break before the dance-beats of "He Was A Fly" take over. The band really opens up on "It's Not A Loss" expanding their sound which continues into the aggressive sounding "We Aren't Cowboys." "No Man's A Failure" returns the band to their signature sound that concentrates on Rosanne vocals which shine on the album closer "Lucky Number Seven."

Enjoy Your Pumas are drawing upon the success of their 2009 critically-acclaimed EP and the opening slots on one of Bon Jovi's and Kid Rock's Canadian tour stops. They only have one show booked at the moment on January 30. For more information on the band's new release, check out their myspace page (

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