Friday, January 14, 2011

CD Review: John Shipe Plays The "Villain"

Singer/songwriter John Shipe will release his latest album, "Villain," on Involushun Records on February 1. Although he's been involved with numerous bands throughout his career, John finds his home on this latest release.

The acoustic-folk sounding "Lion" is a pleasant beginning to the album. John Shipe doesn't stray far from that winning formula of gentle music and storytelling lyrics. The addition of Halie Loren on vocals in "Hard To Believe" is a nice touch to the songs message. Even the simple "Little Boats" is a great addition to this album. John tries to rock in "Another Disaster" but quickly returns to his gentle, safe pop sound in "Dead Kite" and "Feel Good Song."

John does not have any tour dates scheduled at the moment, but check his website ( for updates and song samples from the new album.

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