Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CD Review: The Southern Sounds Of Dastardly

Indie band Dastardly have recently released their debut album entitled "May You Never...". The band combines the southern-Americana sound with crooner singing styles. The combined influences of Roy Orbison and the Carter Family make for an interesting album. As you listen, you wonder how they pull it off, but then why shouldn't it work.

The short 7-song album flows from song to song without a break in-between to keep the listener on their toes. Up-tempo strumming and hand-clapping beats fill the speakers. "Exercises In Self-Loathing" sounds like a Johnny Cash & June Carter duet that Dastardly pulls-off with ease. The end of the album slows down with "Morning Blue" which comes accross like a sweet folk ballad and closes with the slow-mosing of "Traffic."

Dastardly will be visiting the east coast at the beginning tour, stopping in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. For a complete list of tour dates and album information on this new band, visit their myspace page (www.myspace.com/dastardlytheband).

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