Monday, February 21, 2011

Cassette Review: Ghost Animal Show Us Their "Youth"

LA band Ghost Animal recently released a new limited edition cassette tape entitled "Youth" through Kill/Hurt Records. The album is a combination of unreleased singles and b-sides. The band's sound on the new release ranges from early British Invasion, mixed with raw American alternative rock with dashes of psychedelic Pink Floyd.

The recording of the new album is very raw, with slight distortion on the vocals. At times, its hard to understand the lyrics as in "Young & In Love". The band brings out their experimentation on the instrumental songs "Quitting Guilt" and "Milk of A Million Mothers". A better mix of the songs "Stay The Same" and "Appear To Me" would help the band's appeal. The right ingredients are in place, but the final production is not giving the music the sound it deserves.

Please visit for more information on this release as well as others by this new band.

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