Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CD Review: Automatic Loveletter Guitarist Tommy Simms Goes Solo

Lead guitarist for the alternative band Automatic Loveletter, Tommy Simms has recently released his debut solo album entitled "The the Archers Bowed And Broke Their Bows." The album carries a great alternative rock sound that shows off Tommy's song-writing talents.

The album leads off with "32 Seconds," an intellectual rocker that recalls the early days of the Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd. The album just takes you on a journey of great compositions including "How It Feels" and "Millions of A's." Each song comes across like a grand production. Songs like the playful "Here In the Horse's Heart" and the bluesy acoustic rock of "Tin Lizzy" show off the diversity in Tommy's sound.

His new album is available now on iTunes and at Amazon.com. Visit Tommy Simms' myspace page (www.myspace.com/winwinwinter) for more information on his latest release.

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Anonymous said...

Great review and great record! All true...what you said!!! Thanks!!!