Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CD Review: Memnoir Rolls Out "Canto Vol. 1"

The dark, alternative music of Memnoir will be hitting online stores (Amazon, iTunes and others) this spring. Memnoir is the brainchild of singer/songwirter/musician Tyger, who hails from Corpus Christi. The EP entitled "Canto Vol. 1" carries a very modern/industrial rock sound with some deep, powerful lyrics.

The sound of the album's lead song, "The One" carries strong similarities to alternative rockers Evanescence. "Demons & Friends" has a heavier sound with a simpler, stronger lyric progression. Memnoir slows the tempo down a bit for the dark, but memorable "Confession" with its repetitive chorus, while the complex sounding "Soundtrack For A Nightmare" expands upon his song-writing talents. The album closes with the heartfelt ballad "Empty Strings."

Check out memnoir.com for song samples and information about this new artist.

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