Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CD Review: Midnight Hike Come A "Long Way From Yesterday"

From Washington, DC, Midnight Hike have self-released their new album last month entitled "Long Way From Yesterday." The album was produced by Frank Marchand (Cracker, Bob Mould) and Warren Boes (All Mighty Senators). Their sound has all the elements that make a good rock album, including a strong lead-off track (Kinda Girl), a fun pop song (Tell Me You Love Me) and heart-wrenching lyrics (Broken).

The songs "Lost", "Bucket of Lies", and "All Days" carry a grittier, edgier vocal and guitar delivery which work well together, but sound a bit different from the other songs on the album. Midnight Hike also expand upon their song-writing with the funk rock sounding "Long Way From Yesterday". The band seem the most comfortable with the pop rock sounds as displayed in "The Only Place".

Midnight Hike has a few dates scheduled over the next couple months in the Northeast. The album is available now on iTunes. For more information, please visit

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