Sunday, April 3, 2011

CD Review: Andy Friedman Shoots Us With "Laserbeams and Dreams"

Singer/songwriter Andy Friedman will release his latest batch of storytelling on April 5. The new album called "Laserbeams And Dreams" also features producer/guitarist David Goodrich and producer/bassist Stephen Crump. Friedman's newest batch of songs are very laid-back and they let you soak in his wonderful storytelling.

Andy Friedman is a wizard with his storys and lyrics. In the songs "Motel On The Lake", "Quiet Blues" and "Down By The Willow", Friedman just sets up the backdrop with his in-depth descriptive lyrics and gentle-deep vocals. His voice on "Nothing With My Time" reflect a younger Lou Reed with his talking-style singing. Friedman and his band go a little country with "Oh Pennsylvania", while "Roll On, John Herald" shows us his more experimental side. You hardly notice the absence of drums as Friedman's voice against the acoustic instruments is the perfect blend.

Andy Friedman just finished up an east coast tour, but will be back on the road beginning April 9th. Check out for a complete list of tour dates as well as more information on his new album.

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