Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CD Review: Baby Teardrops Remarks "X Is For Love"

The trio, Baby Teardrops, is ready to release their new album "X is for Love" on April 12. The band's sound on the new release combines the fuzz guitar sound of Nirvana with the alternative-punk drumming of The Pixies with the vocal delivery of The New Pornographers. They combine the attitude from the streets of New York City with lyrics of love and hope giving their songs a punk-rock edge.

The Baby Teardrops find the right combination of harmonizing over the sonic blast of guitars in the memorable "Smooth Sailing Ahead". The song "Lucky 7" takes a page from the Violent Femmes with its rawness and simplicity. The band's sound fluctuates between light-hearted pop  of "Still Singing The Same Songs" to the dark grunge of "Let It Roll". The band's true identity shines on the album closer "Think It Look It Act It Become It" with every band member's talent on display.

Visit Baby Teardrops' website ( for song samples as well as information on the band's new release "X is for Love."

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