Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CD Review: Chris Marshall Shows Us The "August Light"

Singer/songwriter Chris Marshall released his national debut album on April 26 entitled "August Light". At only 29 years of age, Chris' lyrics carry a very mature feel as shown in his song-writing. The album's lead track "Every Time The Wind Blows" talks about life lessons with a sound that is just irresistible. His pop aspects shine bright on the alternative country sounding "Look Out Your Window". Marshall tries the keep the flame alive with his Ryan Adams type delivery of stories waiting to be heard. The heartfelt sounding "For Too Long Now" comes from an artist wise beyond his years. Marshall also knows how to rock with the southern guitar sounding "We'll Carry On (My Love)" and "All Roads Lead To Atlanta". The country acoustics of "I Found You" just mesh so well with Chris' voice to create a sound soon to be noticed by radio.

Chris Marshall has a few dates scheduled in May in Oregon, but visit his website ( for more detailed information. Also, while your their grab a copy of Chris' new album, one of the best new independent artists of 2011.

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