Monday, April 11, 2011

CD Review: Now Introducing Mark's Midnight Carnival Show

The trio of Mark Bush, Scott Bein and Gavin Straub make up the acoustic, pop rock band Mark's Midnight Carnival Show. This indie band has been together for only 18 months, but their sound captures a more mature feel to the song structure of a bond that they have been playing together forever.

The sound this band portrays is more in-depth than just your normal pop band. The songs are a wonderful collaboration of musicianship and song-writing. The band doesn't stray far from this winning formula. The song "Have You Seen My Girl" feels like a band on the verge of exploring different musical avenues. The band sticks close to home with the familiar acoustic strumming of "Dancing" and "Day Dreamer" with an open, airy feeling to their songs. They also expand on their song-writing with the addition of horns on "The Moon Song", but still carry a very "jamband" sound.

Mark Midnight Carnival Show has a bunch of dates booked through April in the Colorado area. Check out the band's myspace page ( for more information on this indie rock band.

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