Friday, May 20, 2011

CD Review: Australian Duo, Texas Tea Give Us "Junkship Recordings"

Australian duo Texas Tea released their latest album entitled "The Junkship Recordings" on Pulse One Records back in 2008 and is beginning to get noticed here in North America. Their music is not overpowering in any way, shape or form. Their sound is laid-back acoustics and storytelling lyrics.

The duo of Kate Jacobson and Benjamin Doughety share vocal duties throughout the album. Kate's haunting vocals in the opener "Cane Farmers Song" grabs your attention, then leaves you wanting more. "Kiss Me Gently" feels like a country ballad from the sixties with Kate's vocals becoming the main focus of the song. Her sound switches from the whisper of "Don't Believe In Jesus" to belting out the chorus of "Autumn". Her musical partner Benjamin gets his vocal spotlight on "The Ferry Song" and "Down To The Shore" giving the song a Leonard Cohen vocal range. The bright spot on the album is the banjo-strumming, up-tempo "Billy" which finds the perfect backdrop for Kate's country roots. The depressed sounding "Winter" closes the album and has Ben doing his best Lou Reed impression on the vocals.

Texas Tea is heading over to Europe to perform 15 shows during the month of July before heading back home to Australia. For more information on this band visit their myspace page (

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