Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CD Review: video? Wants To Know "If This TV Could Talk"

From Tucson comes video? with their latest release "If This TV Could Talk". They recently appeared at the SXSW festival and have shared the stage with bands like the Meat Puppets and many others.

The new album opens with a cocktail mixture of electronic, pop, alternative, and rock on "No Things Happen For Reasons". The music featured on the opener is a breath of fresh ideas to the music world. The experiment stops there as video? starts to takes the more pop friendly route. "You're Not In Love" is a very safe, radio-friendly sounding song with too much added to the overall sound. The band  tries traveling back in time, first with the modern beats of "In Case We Catch Fire", then jumping back to the 1980s with "I'm Afraid of Everything" and then back even further with the 70's vibe of "Another Natural Disaster". The album continues on the dance pop track with the electronic/ R&B sounds of "Not Worth Your Time" and the soft, subtleness of "Ballad of Red Klotz". The overall sound of the new album is very fresh and new at times, but it is also deceptive of the type of music genre it follows.

The band is currently booking dates for a summer tour. Please visit their myspace page ( for more album information and song samples.

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