Saturday, May 7, 2011

CD Review: "Until Then" We Have The Bright White

From Chicago comes The Bright White with their debut EP entitled "Until Then". Their music combines the classic rock sound of the 70's with British Pop lyrics. Loud guitars, pounding drums and strong lyrics is what this band is all about.

The EP starts off with "Red Summer Rose" which lays the groundwork for the proper introduction to this new band. Simply, memorable lyrics get a boost from Matthew Kayser's powerful vocals along with Joe O'Leary's blazing guitar. From the heavy rock of the opener, the band takes a more pop rock approach to "We Are More Than Animals". The song carries a safer tone to reach a more general audience. The song "Upon The Wall" draws up similarities to latter-day Soundgarden, but keeps the more pop rock side to their sound. The Bright White find their edge on the pounding rocker "Refugees" before closing with the acoustic strumming of "She Never Forgets Me".

The Bright White have a show coming up on June 11 in Chicago before heading out on a tour of the Northeast. Please visit the band's website ( for song samples as well as up to date information on this rising band.

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