Thursday, June 30, 2011

CD Review: Boston Band The Susan Contant Brings Out Debut

From Boston comes the indie-alternative rock band The Susan Constant. Their debut album "Rayonnement" was released earlier this year and the band is beginning to receive some local success. The album was written, recorded and produced entirely by the band themselves.

The album lead-off with a simple, but catchy song called "Charles de Gaulle". This song gives the listener a good outline to the band's overall sound. Their pop sound shines bright on "Made of Paper" and "Get Married", while they also have a heavier side to their sound as shown in "Ploughshare v. Earth". The band's fun side comes through in "Came/Went" as the energy the band puts into the song comes across the speakers and make you want to get out of your seat. The moody tone of "Someone Else (or, How Hotel Bars Will Eat You Alive)" help make this song stand out among the other up-tempo rockers.

Check out the band's website ( for more information on this new band.

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