Monday, June 13, 2011

CD Review: Botanical Bullets "Bleed Fluorescent"

New Jersey duo, Jay Shah and Jacob Conover, have released a new album under the name Botanical Bullets. The new album is entitled "We Bleed Fluorescent" after the new wave, pop, dance song of the same name.

The music on this album is all over the place. The keyboard driven opener "Fantastic Romantic" seems to drag-on, while "Little Miss Shotgun" is an interesting mix of samples to create these layers for the listener to discipher. The song "You Times Two" seems to hit the mark as a new approach to their brand of club beats while "Epinephrine" seems more atmospheric. Concentration is a must when listening to this album in order to appreciate all the is going into these songs.

For more information on this ingenious duo, please visit their myspace page (

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