Friday, June 17, 2011

CD Review: The Dear Hunter Sees The World In Colors

Progressive rockers The Dear Hunter just released their latest endeavor, "The Color Spectrum". The new album is made up of the best songs from the band's nine-EP release. Each EP was based on a different color and the sound of that EP reflected the album's color title. For instance, the new "best of" release begins with "Filth and Squalor" from the "Black" EP and the song echos a dark, depressive subject of how the future will be a corrupt world. The music also reflects a more industrial rock sound.

The new release contains at least one song from each EP, some have two songs to represent that color EP. "Deny It All" from the "Red" EP is an up-tempo, aggressive rocker with a great hook to drive it. All of the songs on this release are outstanding, making this album one of The Dear Hunter's best. The guitar on "But There's Wolves?" is so good you wish it went on for another ten minutes. As the colors get brighter, the songs get lighter and have a more airy feeling to them. Songs like "She's Always Singing" from the "Yellow" EP, "Home" and "Fall and Flee" both from the "White" EP have a very calming, acoustic pop sound that will appeal to a wider audience. "The Canopy" from the "Green" EP is a free-flowing song with some excellent harmonizing. As you'd guess, "Trapdoor" from the "Blue" EP carries a bluesy sway to the song, while the experimental side of the band comes shining through in "What Time Taught Us".

The Dear Hunter are booked solid for the next two months, so do yourself a favor and check out their live show. For a complete list of tour dates, song samples and more, please visit their website,

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