Friday, June 3, 2011

CD Review: Madam Adam Give Us Their Major Label Debut

From Charleston, SC comes Madam Adam, one of the newest artists to debut their new album on Roadrunner Records. Their sound captures the elements of hard rock with the grittiness of grunge with a touch of pop-style lyrics to make them very accessible to rock radio. The new album was produced by Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Sick Puppies).

The lead single from the new album, "Sex Ain't Love" shows the raw, hungry for success-type energy that Madam Adam pours into their songs. Their stadium sized sound is heard on "These Are The Days" and "Drugs". Madam Adam balence on that fine line between grunge and hard rock with songs like "Forgotten" and "Wicked". The band leans more mainstream on "Best Shot At A Love Song" and "Rewind" before roaring back with the big sound of "The Art of Lying". Their diversity shines through on the heartbreak ballad "San Francisco" and the Foo Fighters-type rocker "Secret". The guitars come out blazing on the album closer "Silence".

The band is just wrapping up their tour and have a new video out for the single "Sex Ain't Love". It is available to view on the band's website,

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