Thursday, June 30, 2011

CD Review: Sheri Miller Shows Us Her "Winning Hand"

New York singer/songwriter Sheri Miller released her follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut "Mantra". Her new album entitled "Winning Hand" has the songstress working with some of music’s biggest names including J.D. Souther, Jill Sobule, Shawn Mullins and Al Anderson. The new album was also produced by legendary producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel).

The album begins with the light country-flavored "Spoons". The sound of Sheri’s voice is easy to get wrapped up in. Her music and vocals give off a feeling of comfort in "Everybody Feels This Way Sometimes", while "Satellite" shows us her edginess to her folk song-writing. The title song "Winning Hand" shows us the passion Sherri puts into her vocals delivery to portray the feelings of the lyrics. The album closes with "Hungry For The Truth" a folk-rock song about finding ones own identity as she sticks close by to her safe pop-rock sound.

Sheri Miller has no shows lined up at the moment, but be sure to check out her website, for song samples from her new album. Here new album is available on iTunes and at Amazon. Also check her out on facebook (

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