Saturday, June 11, 2011

Indie Artist Jon White Has Hope For "Small Things"

Indie artist Jon White has released his latest batch of songs entitled "There Is Hope in Small Things". The album was recorded and produced in his home studio. As he tries to make a name for himself in the music world, Jon is already working on his next EP of new songs.

The 11-track album has Jon switching to different instruments to capture the mood he is trying to portray in each song. "Lazarus" is an ambient soundscape with spoken words playing out in the background. It is one of the more interesting songs on this release. Jon's voice carries a high, fragile tone similar to a Michael Jackson ballad, but Jon never shows the strength of his vocals as them seem lost at times amongst the music. His performance of the title track shows his talent for song-writing and experimentation with piano and keyboards overpowering the song. The album carries some nice tunes (Brittle, Comes and Goes) that will benefit from a more complete band sound and upper-class production. We will have to wait an see what lies ahead for this new, up 'n' coming artist.

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