Thursday, July 28, 2011

CD Review: Against All Will Come Up With "A Rhyme & Reason"

Original Puddle of Mudd member Jimmy Allen has put together a new band that includes Soulfly bassist Cello Dias, Instinct of Aggression drummer Phillip Gonyea and singer Jeff Current formerly of Seven Story Drop. The new band entitled Against All Will have released their debut album, "A Rhyme & Reason" and is available now.

The album's lead single "Swept Away" is a great introduction to this new hard rock supergroup. The group has a great rock sound that doesn't overpower the strong vocals and memorable lyrics. One of the two songs on the Active Rock Top 100 chart is the the groove rocker "All About You." This is a great song about the sweetness of revenge. The other song that is burning up the rock radio charts is "The Drug I Need." The combination of real lyrics and an exploding chorus gives their music an edge that rock fans are looking for.

Against All Will have a couple of days lined up in August, but keep a close eye on this powerhouse, hard rock band. For more information, please visit the band's website,

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