Friday, July 8, 2011

CD Review: Arpline Show Us Their "Travel Book"

From Brooklyn, NY comes ArpLine with their newest release "Travel Book". The band follows in the footsteps of Grammy winners Arcade Fire and Animal Collective with their combination of electronics and rock music. The new album came out in May and has received praise in the New York area.

Dance beats, fuzz guitars, and passionate vocals identify what this band is all about. The up-tempo "Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper" sounds like Jack White on speed during a rave. "Make It Rain" carries a more industrial rock sound while "Amplify" finds a more mainstream sound that would appeal to a wider audience. The big drums of "Weekend In The Colonies" make you want to stand-up and rock out to this hard hitting sound. ArpLine love their synthesizers as displayed in "Cap". The album finishes with the lighter, more atmospheric "Rope" that shows off a more approachable sound to their music.

Please visit the band's website ( to find out more about this new band from New York.

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