Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CD Review: Bern & The Brights' "Starchild" Single

From New Jersey comes Bern & The Brights with a new 7-inch single entitled "Starchild". The band has performed over 300 shows in the last few years and have released two EPs. They are currently working on another album, hopefully their full-length debut, but we'll have to wait and see.

The new single "Starchild" is a light, energetic, fun pop song with Catherine's vocals taking the spotlight. The chords changes within the song keep you on your toes as the song sways between pop/rock/reggae, similar to No Doubt. The flip side is "Lost In The Sea" which follows along the same lines as "Starchild", but with a more mellow, coastal sound. If you close your eyes, the song puts you right at the beach.

Bern & The Brights have dates scattered throughout the summer in the NY/NJ area. Check out their website (bernandthebrights.com) for a complete list of tour dates and to hear some of the new music they're creating.

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