Saturday, July 2, 2011

CD Review: The Luck Of Eden Hall Flies High With "Butterfly Revolutions"

From Chicago comes The Luck of Eden Hall with volume 1 of their new release "Butterfly Revolutions". Volume 2 will be released this fall. The band combines psychedelic lyrics with a modern alternative rock sound.

The album begins with "Chrysalide" that fully embodies the band's appeal with a sound similar to Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men". The band's lyrics are definitely exploratory as in "This Weather's Better For Velvet Clothes" and "Medicine Queen". "Jupiter" expands the band's sound (and your mind) with a more progressive rock approach similar to early Pink Floyd. The band has fun with the up-tempo rocker "Shampoo", then takes you on a short adventure with the trippy sounds of "Pretty Little Things". The Luck of Eden Hall rocks the hardest on "She Falls Down" before closing with the mellow, experimental "Queen Anne's Lace".

The new album "Butterfly Revolutions: Volume 1" was released on July 1. The band has a show scheduled for July 20 in Chicago. Check out the band's myspace page ( for song samples and tour information.

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