Thursday, July 14, 2011

CD Review: Mattson 2 Have "Feeling Hands" For New Release

The duo of Jonathan (drums) and Jared (guitar/bass), known as Mattson 2, have released their latest album entitled "Feeling Hands". The album is the result of two years of touring, writing, and recording. The album combines the elements of jazz, with punk and surf guitar to create a unique musical experience.

Right from the opening track "Pleasure Point", you notice the jazz-style drumming combined with some nice surf guitar that even Dick Dale would be proud of. "Ode To Lou" carries a more jazz feeling with the addition of sax to balance with the gentle sounds of guitar. A Spanish flair gets touched upon in "Mexican Synth" before giving off a jamband vibe on "Chi Nine" which features some nice guitar from Ray Barbee. Guest guitarist Tommy Guerrero adds a bit of funk and soul to "Give Inski's" before Mattson 2 head in a more punk direction on "Obvious Church". The album closes with the mellow sounds of "Man From Anamnesis" highlighting some nice drum-work by Jonathan.

The new album "Feeling Hands" was released back in June and is available on itunes and through the band's website,

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