Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CD Review: The Paper Scissors Are Remembered "In Loving Memory"

From Australia comes The Paper Scissors with their new album entitled "In Loving Memory". The band creates an atmosphere of music which includes a bunch of different influences wrapped into one. The first song on the album, "Disco Connect" combines the sound of The Clash with parts of reggae and 80's synthesizers along with a Roger Waters-type growl to begin with. Their music is hard to categorize as they expand their sound with the industrial rock of "Dozens". The album's first single "Lung Sum" carries a more pop-friendly beat before being taken over by the post-punk drumming in "On Your Hand". The band drills the chorus of "Soft Pig" and "Mechanism" in your head as it repeats to no end. All their musicianship comes together nicely on "Turn It To Gold".

The new album was mixed by producer Tom McFall (REM, Weezer, Snow Patrol) and was released on June 17. The band is currently taking up residence in Australia with shows lasting to mid-July. Please visit the band's website ( for a complete list of tour dates, videos, music and more.

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Espana said...

I have not listened so much to an album since Seldom Seen Kid. It is truly amazing that talent like this can suddenly emerge almost by accident. Lyrics with bite, beautiful music with vocals that go full bore for the senses. Those lucky enough to have seen her live are giving raves and the venerable BBC are pushing her forward.
World look out!