Monday, August 22, 2011

Cassette Review: Geoff Geis Goes Solo For A "Princess"

Los Angeles musician Geoff Geis is a member of the underground band Big Whup and Pizza!, but he decided to try his hand at a solo project he calls "Princess." You have to appreciate the simplicity of this recording as most songs feature Geoff armed with only a keyboard. The music on this release is all over the place. Geoff shows his pop side on the up-tempo "Suberbowl B4 De-lete," while "Where Have You Been (All My Life)?" has potential as it is presented here in a very basic form. "Airplane Jam" is a keyboard instrumental that seems to go nowhere, but he counters that with the country sounding "The Lonesome Part" which is the most complete song on this release. At least, Geoff seems to have fun experimenting with his music and lyrics.

Geoff Geis had an album release party at the beginning of the month and has one other date scheduled for the 1st of September. For more information, visit Geoff's website,

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