Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CD Review: Andrew Adkins' "Troublesome" Debut

From Nashville comes one of America's newest singer/songwriters Andrew Adkins. His debut album will be released on September 6 and is titled "Troublesome, My Love." Andrew found success as one half of the rock-duo Mellow Down Easy before branching out on his own.

The album's lead-single "A Little Bit Of Mercy" is a great addition to the southern rock genre. His lyrics are very accessable and easy to relate to as his voice fits with the music perfectly. You hear an edginess in his vocals on the acoustic strumming of "We Knew It All Along" as he tells us stories of past experiences. His music is so easy to get wrapped up in as you follow his lyrics to the song's build-up as in "Flesh, Blood & Bone." The album carries a very mellow folk-rock vibe and all you need to do is sit back, listen and enjoy. All the elements come together in the gentle ballad "Estrelita..More of Less."

Do yourself a favor and check out Andrew's website (andrewadkinsonline.com) for song samples, and in no time, you'll be hooked.

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