Monday, August 15, 2011

CD Review: Global Noize Says "A Prayer For The Planet"

The combination of jazz, funk, rock, r&b, and other worldly sounds is what makes up Global Noize. The trio of Jason Miles (keyboards, bass, programming), DJ Logic (Turntables, beats, EFX), and Falu (Vocals) are releasing their second album as Global Noize.

The new album, "A Prayer For The Planet" is their way of getting the word out that we need help to save Mother Earth. The trio also receive help from many artists including Karl Denson, who adds vocals to the 70's-style soul, funk sound of "21st Century Preacherman." Saxophonist Jeff Coffin adds highlights to the beat heavy "Rios (A Riot In Outer Space)." Falu's vocals on the opening track "A Prayer For The Planet" and on "Wanna Be With You" give the songs an added dimension. Andy Snitzer's soprano sax and Jerry Brooks' bass groove give "Toyko Sunrise" a modern jazz sound to this instrumental. The album closes with the mellow "Cosmic Hug" that gets just enough of a touch of horns from Ron Holloway to give the song life.

"A Prayer For The Planet" will be released on August 23 through Lightyear/EMI records. For more information on this release, please visit the Global Noize facebook page. (

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